We always try to catch up with what’s new in the nail art world bringing to you the latest trends and styles. We must say we are in love with this nail artist and her work and we thought you would be too.

Taking a break from the usual nail care routines and popular nail polish colors, we invite to take a tour of actual art drawn right on your nails. Betina Goldstein is a well-known nail artist who works with your favorite celebrities and top fashion magazines such as Vogue, she does celebrity nails for red carpets like Golden Globes. This year she also created an amazing nail art look worn by Gemma Chan for the  2019 Met Gala.

Her style is very 'less is more' and whether it's pearls or basic paint or even letters, she creates an abstract picturesque nail art aesthetic. From all her amazing creations my favorite I must say is the hand painting. She draws on nails in a contemporary way from faces to icons and other beautiful drawings and doodling. She also does nail art on natural nails which is super awesome because on natural nails it looks really artistic in a comfortable way.

Goldstein always shares her nail art on her Instagram account and she also does tutorials on her Instagram Stories that will help you recreate the exact looks and paintings. So I must say if you are looking for some out of the box nail art you definitely have to check this one out!

All Image Credits: Instagram @betina_goldstein