I can say with no shame and with absolute confidence that it took me a while to understand the 2019 Met Gala theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion. I read a lot about it and had this image in my mind of what people were going to wear, but still something was missing. When the Met Gala 2019 red carpet was finally live and the extravagant looks started gracing the red carpet, something in the back of my mind kept itching, "Where have I seen this theme before?" and then it hit me! The Hunger Games. To make things are little easier to visualize, the Met Gala's red carpet was very close to what can be described as Capitol Fashion from The Hunger Games, especially the hair and makeup. So, I decided to be a little selfish today talking about my favorite topic...Makeup. Yes, and hair as well.

I love the Met Gala so much, because of how extravagant and unrealistic is it. Lines are always crossed, designers go beyond with their creativity and the makeup artists finally get to play around with color and editorial looks on the red carpet. Hair stylists add the cherry on top with extravagant, loud or sleek hairstyles that none the less make a statement. This year the theme was all about theatrical extremity. The looks were dramatic, big but in a way that goes beyond the norm. Zendaya even walked the red carpet in a mechanical Cinderella dress that lit up and moved with the orders of a magic wand...so, yes, it was a red carpet of dreams. 

The hair was BIG this year. Celebrities went for poofy, big, gravity defying hairstyles. There were a lot of big curls, high pony tails and the occasional neon hair color. The hair accessories were my favorite. Ashley Graham's long pony tail was embellished head to toe with Gucci hair clips and bows. Headpieces were also back with big quirky designs like Lupita Nyong'o's, Cara Delevingne's and my personal favourite  Janelle Monáe's. 

The theatrical aspect was not only in the clothes and makeup but in how they celebrities moved on the red carpet. The took up their characters and fully embraced them as they posed for pictures and walked up the stairs, like Lady Gaga's dramatic entrance and Hailee Steinfeld's 'No Photos Please' number. Having the makeup fit the part is essential and helps them fully embrace the art they're delivering. The makeup was really incredible. It was very colorful and almost doll-like, very cartoonish looking but not in a tacky way. My favourite looks were of Kristen Stewart, Sara Sampaio and Lily Collins. Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid had on editorial, colored fake lashes that were big, quirky and very fluttery. Gigi's lashes were actually white feathers placed on individually and they were among the highlights of the red carpet.

Take a look at the beauty looks below!

All Image Credits: Instagram @justjared