Different Styles of French Manicure: Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Finish!

Engy Elghannam
3/6/23, 5:00 PM

Nail art has become a major trend right now. The good news is that you can be super creative with this nail trend. The idea is to do different nail art designs of your choice. Guess what, cool French nail polish is the most popular now. Keep scrolling to discover how to get the trendy French manicure done. 

Get Your Nails Ready Time

First of all, begin with washing your hands with soap and if you have old nail polish make sure you clear it very well around the edges. Apply some hand cream after you’re done to hydrate your hands. Now you are prepared for your French manicure. 

A tip for you

 Acetone in nail polish remover can damage and dry your nails, so consider choosing a nail polish that doesn't contain any acetone.

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Rainbow French Manicure

This nail style is one of the trendiest styles. You can do it by applying one coat of sheer light pink nail polish as this will mimic your nail natural color and you’ll have this amazing effortless-looking nail polish. Choose your favorite five different nail polishes. It will be perfect if you can get inspiration from the actual rainbow colors. Paint a Strip at the tip of your nail and use a different shade for the same finger in each hand. Finish your rainbow French nail polish with a glossy top coat for a great shine and to have a long-lasting result.

A tip for you

To get a salon-like tip, you can use a very thin nail polish brush.

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Multi-colored French Nail Polish 

What about updating the classic French look by doing a multicolored French manicure? You can do this by choosing two colors to create your design. The first color is your base color and the other one will be for your tips. Begin by applying the first layer of your nail polish. The nail polish should appear even and smooth, so if the first layer is thin, wait for 1 minute and paint a second layer. Next, use the second color to paint the tips of your nails. To make it easier you can cut a thin piece of paper to help you apply it. Try to hold up the paper to follow the shape of the tip and start painting. 

A tip for you

 Think of colors that complement each other as different shades of one color will look very nice together. You can also match between white and gold, black and pink, and Green and silver.

Ying-yang French Nail polish

 Yin-yang is one of the most popular nail styles on social media. To do it apply your base nail color using a sheer nude color. Use a very thin brush, then draw a curved line on the tip of your nail, and paint one side of the nail in the same shade and the other side with another shade. The pink and red color combo will be perfect with this style. use a dotting tool or use your brush to create a dot on each side with a contrasting polish shade. Apply a clear topcoat after your nails are dry.

A tip for you

 Push back your cuticles as this will make your nails look longer. Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water and mix with it olive oil for 10 minutes; it’ll make your cuticles softer and makes them easier to push back. 

Colored Tip French manicure

It is so trendy now to replace the traditional white nail tip with a colored one. Begin with applying the base coat, and the nude will be perfect with this nail style. Then paint the nail tip using any of your favorite colors, for me red is the best. Then paint a thin layer of topcoat polish over your nails as a good topcoat will protect the look of your freshly painted nails and helps the nail polish last longer. For funkier nails, you can add strass, pearls, or a design to one or two fingers on each hand.

A tip for you

Turning your finger to create the strip over your nail tip is a lot easier than moving the brush, especially if you’re holding the brush with your non-dominant hand.

Designed French Nail polish.

Get creative with your designed French nail polish. To do this you got to choose three colors for your base, your tips, and your design. For the design, you can choose multiple colors if you want. Think of colors that would pair well together. You can paint polka dots, stripes, or flowers. However, polka dots would be the easiest option. Begin with painting the base layer, then paint the tips of your nails. Next, create your design by painting the polka dots over your base color carefully. 

A tip for you

 If you're painting your nails for daily life, consider applying colors that would easily match any color you wear. 

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Multi-colored Tips 

Another funky way for French nail polish is to have more than one colored tip. Choose a color for the base and three colors for the tips. If you want only the tips to be colored, use a nude or clear polish for the base. Paint your first layer, then rest your hand on a flat surface and try to keep it steady, start painting a thin line down the center of your tip. Then use the second color to paint a strip above it and use the third shade to draw a line underneath it. You should have three strips of color, and your manicure is finished.

A tip for you

For a cooler nail style, you can make some nails that have different colors of strips than other nails.

The classic French manicure

For those who like the classic white French manicure here is how to do it in a modern way in easy steps. Start with putting a clear base coat on your fingernails, this is an important part as it preserves the nail polish longer. Then Wait for 2 minutes for the polish to dry completely before moving to the next step. Now it is time to paint the French tips with bright white nail polish, for having a trendier style add a thin line underneath the strip you made leaving a negative space between them. Finish by applying a sheer pink polish over the base coat. This layer gives a soft pink shade that makes the French mani look natural and hides any discoloration on your nails.

A tip for you

Use scotch tape to paint the French tips by placing a small piece of it over the nail, and make the edge of the tape line up with the space where the white of your nail meets the pink.

 If you want to give your nails the perfect trendy styles at home without paying a lot of money at a salon these steps will pretty much help you. 




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