We are so obsessed with our nails that we are always looking for new ways to strengthen and lengthen them. We can't get enough of the latest nail polish color trends and trendy shapes, but we're overlooking something important: our nails can reveal a lot about our health. Have you ever considered that your nails are trying to tell you that you have an undiagnosed disease? Yes, the shape of your nails is a sign that you should pay attention to your health. So, here are 10 diseases that your nails are trying to tell you about.

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You should always check with a doctor if you suffer or notice any of these conditions immediately. 

1. Having Spots on Your Nails That Cause the Surface To Be Rough

For a long time, I've had this strange thing on my nails that had spots that made the surface a little rough and looked like snowflakes on my nails. Unfortunately, I didn't think this meant much, so I didn't pay attention. Shortly after that, I developed a skin disease that resembled a rash, and the doctor told me that my skin immunity is low and that this rash or itchiness has no clear cause, but it may take a long time to treat and may reoccur.

After a while, I remembered the spots on my nails and wondered if there was a connection; I consulted a doctor friend of mine, who told me that these spots are evidence of…

Medical condition: Psoriasis, a skin condition characterized by scaly patches, can be an indicator of a more serious skin problem. It is also linked to connective tissue disorders like Reiter's syndrome and alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

2. Have you noticed that your nails have become spoon-shaped? (spoon nails)

This is a very common condition. A person's nail suddenly changes shape to resemble a spoon. Some believe it is normal at first, but as it worsens, everyone becomes concerned and tries to figure out why. The truth is.. 

Medical condition: Most of the time spoon-shaped nails are an indicator of iron deficiency also known as anemia, or a liver condition known as hemochromatosis, where your body absorbs a lot of iron from food that you eat. It can also mean a heart condition and a decrease in hypothyroidism.

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3. Do you notice any horizontal lines on your nails?

If you did, let me tell you that these lines are called "Beau" and appear horizontally on your nails, preventing the growth below your nails for various medical reasons; they are...

Medical condition: Diabetes, a blood disease that causes high fevers such as scarlet fever, chickenpox, and pneumonia. Beau's lines can also be an indication of zinc deficiency.

4. Do you have pink lines on the edges of your nails?

This condition is known as "terry nails," and it causes your nails to be all white with a narrow pink strip around the edges. It may not bother you, but it is proof that you suffer from...

Medical condition: Liver disease or kidney failure or diabetes.

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5. Do you have ridged nails?

People occasionally notice that their nails have bumps of some kind, indicating that they are not flat. That is proof that the medical condition is...

Medical Condition: A decrease in the oxygen level of the blood caused by one of the various chest diseases or infections in your intestines, as well as heart disease and a problem with your blood vessels.

6. Do you have a problem with your nail separating from the skin underneath it?

The skin beneath your nail is referred to as the bed of the nail. You may notice a noticeable gap between your nail and the skin beneath it in many cases, which most likely means...

Medical Condition: It could indicate that you have an infection, an allergic reaction to one of the nail products, or Psoriasis.

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7. Thick yellow nails 

Have you ever noticed someone's nails are thick and yellow and they were never like this before? This is a common example that shows that this person has..

Medical condition: Breathing problems, like bronchitis

8. Dark lines under your nails 

Do you inspect your nails on a regular basis? And what about the skin beneath it? If you haven't already, we strongly advise you to do so. If you notice dark lines under your nails, it could indicate that you have a health problem.. 

Medical condition: Dark lines under your nails are almost certainly a sign of skin cancer.

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9. White lines under your nails 

It is best to inspect your nails and the skin beneath them on a regular basis. Do you have white lines on your skin? This indicates another health condition, which is...

Medical condition: Problems in your kidney or liver 

10. Do you suffer from blue nails

Do you notice that the color of your nails is a little bluish when you spread your fingers in front of you, especially in the winter? If you answered yes, here is the medical condition that explains why your nails are blue. 

Medical Condition: Probably you have anemia 

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