Every girl's dream is to have strong beautiful nails. Whenever we try to follow a certain routine we get bored half way through since it takes too much time to show results. So, I looked around to try and find out what we can do to have healthy beautiful nails in the shortest amount of time and with minimal effort.

I was amazed that all the natural recipes that we used to follow can be shortened into just a few simple steps with amazing results and made it into a fast and easy nail care routine.

7 Steps to Have Strong and Healthy Nails in Just 2 Weeks

1. Moisturizing your nails

All beauty problems start with neglecting to moisturize not only the skin but also the nails since they both become dry and need it. So, the next time you start applying a moisturizing cream on your hands or face, remember that your nails too need to be hydrated. There are many nail hydration creams in stores that you can use like the Almond Nail Cream from The Body Shop.


2. Keep your cuticles

We treat our cuticles as if they're the enemy that needs to be defeated by cutting, biting or removing them with any means possible. We don't notice that what we are doing can make your nails prone to bacterial infection, which in turn affects the nail's growth. Instead of all that, you should keep your cuticles without removing them and make sure to moisturize your nails regularly.

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3. Be careful of water

 Wait! We're not asking you to not wash your hands, but nails get weaker if it's constantly in water. Try to always wear gloves whenever you are washing the dishes or cleaning to protect your hands and nails. Also, don't forget to hydrate your nails whenever your wash or get water on your hands to keep them healthy and strong.

4. Avoid nail polish remover

If you want to have strong healthy nails, you should stop using acetone to remove nail polish. Acetone is one of the main reasons you might have weak nails. Since avoiding nail polish all together might be hard, you can remove it with an acetone free nail polish remover like this one: Ella & Mella.


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5. Use a nail brush

This may seem like a very simple tool but you'd be impressed with how much it can boost your nails' health. It's very soft and cleans under the nails without any damage, which is not the case with any other tool you might use on your nails.

6. Stay away from aluminium foil

In the world of nail care, aluminium foil is being heavily used nowadays. But did you know that it's one of the causes of weak and cracking nails? If you are using it on your nails, you should stop now for healthier nails.

7. Start using nail strengtheners

We've talked before about nail care products such as nail strengtheners, and we can't stress this enough that you should start using them if you want strong beautiful healthy nails. Here are some of the best: The Best Nail Products to Strengthen Weak Damaged Nails.