10 Nail Polish Colors That Will Match All Your Eid Looks

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7/27/20, 12:00 AM

After you've done your Eid shopping, and you've decided on your Eid outfits, it's time to think about your nails! What nail polish color would you go for? I know you'll be having your manicure/pedicure appointment soon, so here are 10 nail polish colors for Eid vacation that'll match all your occasions.

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Nude, Mauve, Metallic


Everyone knows nudes are a fool-proof option. They're chic and they go with everything. If you want another subtle shade that has a little more color to it, mauves are a great option because they're also really flattering. Also, most metallics suit different looks and they look great by the beach. 

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Red & Oxblood Nail Polish


These colors are somewhat the classics. You might prefer to wear these colors for dinner outings, gatherings, meeting the in laws and formal events. They're chic and there's no risk of going wrong.

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Coral, Pink, Orange


Even though these colors will suit a lot of looks and are perfect for the time of the year, these brights are actually perfect for a vacation sunny getaway and your 'by the beach or pool' looks

Mint & White


Colors with white undertones look great with a tan but are also chic enough to suit your night look.   White goes with a lot of things, and you don't have to pick a stark white if you don't like how it looks, you can go for a more sheer one. Mint is also a great summer shade that's also fun and chic. 

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