Dos and Don'ts When It's Time For Toenail Care
Mariam Youssef
1/31/23, 3:37 PM

Your feet are the most exhausted, abused, and used part of your body. Therefore, caring for them frequently is essential. You go to work, take a walk, do household chores, and a lot more thanks to your feet. So the least thing you can do is show them some love. While foot care is mandatory, we’re here today to talk about toenail care that’s often overlooked. Regardless of the season, you need to keep your feet and toenails in excellent condition. That said, read on to know the most common dos and don’ts when it comes to toenail care.

Let’s start with the Dos

Wash your feet daily before bedtime

It's crucial to practice good hygiene because the feet tend to sweat and become dirty more frequently than other body parts. Make washing your feet a regular part of your bedtime routine once you come home, even if you only shower in the morning. Doing this prevents you from bringing dirt into your bed and is a sign of good hygiene. Ensure that your toenails are cleansed thoroughly as well.

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Care for the cuticles

Although there is a tendency to simply cut them away, it is preferable to leave them alone. Apply a nice cuticle cream or foot cream, just as you would with your fingers, and when they have softened, gently push them back with a stick with the right shape. Avoid pushing them back too much or hard to avoid tearing them, which could result in infections.

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Cut your toenails more often

With well-maintained, sharp clippers, nails should be trimmed straight across. The ideal time to trim them is right after a bath or foot soak when the nails are softer. Always cut straight and use an emery board to finish, unless you want them to be somewhat curved, in which case you should softly round the corners. Nails grow at a rate of about 2 mm per month; therefore it's best to trim them every 4 to 8 weeks.

It is preferable to have your nails cut by a podiatrist if you have trouble cutting them, have underlying foot issues, or have a fungal infection. The consequences of improper cutting could be extremely severe.

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Enjoy a nail polish-free pedicure

It's not required to paint your toenails during every pedicure, but regular pedicures truly help to maintain your feet soft and free of dry, hard skin as well as your toenails clean and well-kept. With a few simple tools, you can perform your own pedicure in the comfort of your own home for a small fraction of the cost of having it professionally done in a salon.

Choose the right footwear

If you put on the right shoes that are intended to keep your feet clean, dry, and at the right temperature, your feet will stay healthier. Your feet should be dressed similarly to the rest of your body to ensure comfort in a variety of climates. With sandals and breathable footwear, you can keep them cool in the heat and allow your toenails to breathe. You might get an odor or a fungal infection if you wear summer shoes that make your feet sweaty. With waterproof boots and socks, keep them warm during the winter. You're more likely to develop frostbite if you wear shoes that don't keep your feet warm enough.

Now is the time for the don’ts

Apply nail polish frequently

If you apply nail polish, be sure to thoroughly remove it with a gentle remover—preferably one without acetone, which may be very drying on the nails. If worn too long, some nail polishes can cause discolored and tainted toenails. Even while it's not dangerous, this can be a touch unpleasant. However, you should occasionally give your toenails a break. Ideally, allow them to go polish-free for at least a week. This enables the nail to breathe and heal after being exposed to the polish's chemicals.

Ignore toenail fungus

A surprising amount of people have toenail fungus, which thickens the nails. It is recommended to see your podiatrist to get this treated if you have it. While there are over-the-counter remedies available, the majority of fungal infections are embedded deep in the nail and require professional care. It's preferable to have a professional cut your nails if you have a fungal infection because it's difficult and risky to do it yourself.

Leave ingrown toenails

Poor toenail clipping frequently leads to ingrown toenails. One of the most frequent reasons is cutting them too short, which can be very uncomfortable. Infections caused by the nail cutting into the side of the nail bed can be highly dangerous for persons who have chronic diseases like diabetes.

Never ignore your toenails as doing so can cause serious health problems. Build a toenail care routine to enjoy healthy, beautiful feet and gorgeous toenails.

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