The Best Nail Polish Shades For Cool-Toned Dark Skin

Mariam Youssef
1/18/23, 4:00 PM

Do you often find yourself standing in front of the nail polish stand wondering which shade will go perfectly with your skin? Have you ever been disappointed by a nail polish you just bought that doesn’t flatter your hands? Well, the thing is that everyone has a unique skin undertone that determines the right shades for them. For example, not all yellow nail polish shades will look the same on your hands; some will work and others will look really off. If you have cool-toned, dark skin, this article is for you as we’re about to tell you which nail polish shades go perfectly with your skin tone.

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Lemon Yellow

This shade is made for you! It’s bright, fun, and attractive, and will look good with most of your outfits, especially in the summer. Some of the best brands that offer this shade are YOLO and Golden Rose.

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Royal Blue

This shade screams royalty and you will rock this nail polish just like one! It is one of the best nail polish shades as it can be applied any time of the year and it simply goes with your casual jean outfits and the classy, dressy ones too. You may find this shade in these brands: YOLO and Essie.

Vivid White

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White nail polish is super underestimated and we’re about to change that! Vivid white will look amazing with your skin tone and will make your hands shine. You’ll never go wrong with this shade no matter what you decide to wear. But this shade from these brands: Essie and O.P.I.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is one of those delicate, magical shades that give the person a delicate, clean appearance. This pastel shade really makes your skin tone look more vivid and lively rather than washing it out as it would on skin tones that are paler. Find the best sky blue nail polishes at these brands: YOLO and Essie.

Jade Green

Pastel colors are popular among people of color, but, sometimes, it's wonderful to wear more subtle hues. Here's where the jade green color enters the picture. If you're looking to blend in, this hue is ideal because it is less vivid and will not be as loud as the other vibrant colors. Check these brands to find this shade: Bluesky and Essie.

Dusty Pink

Pink is a challenging shade to wear, but it becomes much simpler with a darker skin tone. Dusty muted pink makes an excellent accent color and goes well with darker skin tones. Find the perfect shades at these brands: Amanda and YOLO.


One of the trendiest colors this year is turquoise. You will feel good about yourself because it is a cheerful, upbeat color. It is suitable for any event and may be worn with any skin tone, especially yours. Here are the best brands to find this shade: YOLO and Essie.

Violet Purple

The color violet has been associated with royalty for centuries, which makes it a unique shade to wear. This nail polish will not only make your hands look fancy, but will also add a special touch to your entire outfit. Find these brands that sell this shade: O.P.I and YOLO.


A fantastic strategy to make your appearance more neutral is to wear tan-colored nail polish. The color tan can be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear it with a straightforward outfit or with one with striking prints and patterns. Your particular preferences and style will determine everything. 

Tan is a beautiful hue since it has an earthy undertone that goes well with all skin tones, especially deeper complexion tones. It is suitable for any situation, including going to work or school or a formal event. Find here the brands that sell this shade: Cybele and Amanda.

Emerald Green

The color green represents nature, rebirth, and progress. Additionally, it symbolizes wealth and success. The body and mind are calmed by this color. It can improve physical health while lowering stress and anxiety. This shade in specific works well with a variety of outfits and looks. Here are some brands that sell this shade: YOLO and Elle.

Neon Colors

A bold and enjoyable approach to expressing your personality is by wearing neon colors. Right now, neon shades are very popular, and for good reason. They're daring and entertaining, and they help you stand out. These are some of the brands that sell these shades: ORLY and YOLO.

Colors don’t have rules; however, it is best to find out the right shades that flatter your skin tone and make you look lively. Feel free to wear your favorite shade from the listed ones or tell us more about the shade that you love to wear.

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