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| by Salma Ihab

Everything You Need to Know About Switching Your Skincare From Fall to Winter

Pumpkin spice latte season is saying its goodbyes, and soon we will be saying hello to toffee nut latte, but enough about drinks, we're here to talk about skincare. Of course, in the winter, our skin is mostly dry. Yes, it is a common issue. If you're unsure whether you should exfoliate more or less or should you stick with your current moisturizer or change it? I'll answer all of your questions, but don't worry gurl; I've got you covered. Because in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about switching your skincare from fall to winter.

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If you're wondering why you should change your routine? Here's why.

"Seasons change-people change," as the saying goes, and your skincare routine should, too. What you should understand is that when the temperature drops in the winter, our skincare routines should help our skin in adapting to these changes. In the winter, your skin will benefit the most from products with moisturizing ingredients, such as leave-on treatments like moisturizing masks and thicker creams. 

Now, let's look at what you can do to keep your skin looking great during the winter

What you should know is that in the winter, your skin acts as if it is going to fight, and it is on high alert to protect itself from the cold. As a result, it is best to switch to skin-protecting products. In the summer, we prefer lighter moisturizers, but in the winter, we prefer thicker creams. Don't forget to use the products in the correct order.

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How should you prepare your skin for the winter?

  • Avoid taking hot showers and baths; we love them, but your skin does not; they cause your skin to dry out faster. It is best avoided to keep your skin from drying out further. You have an option that I personally use because I cannot stand taking a cold shower in the winter, which is to take a hot shower and then finish with cold water to close the pores again.
  • Don't forget to wear lip balm! In the evenings and mornings, apply a thick lip balm. allowing lots of time for it to absorb before applying makeup
  • Always wear SPF, even in the winter, because UVA rays are present even on the gloomiest of days and will cause premature aging of the skin.
  • Keep hydrated by keeping a bottle of water nearby and taking a sip every now and then. Your skin requires more water than ever before, so keep up with your daily water intake.

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How can I switch my skincare routine from fall to winter?

When changing your skincare routine in the winter, there are a few seasonal swaps you can make that will not take much time because they are small changes.

1. A richer cleanser 

In the winter, opt for a richer, creamier cleanser. With the temperature dropping, your skin becomes more sensitive, making it a better idea to use a gentler cream cleanser rather than the foaming formulas that many of us enjoy using during the summer months.

It's best to avoid foaming cleansers in the winter because they are known to strip the skin of vital water and oils, which is definitely not what you want in the winter.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser


CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is made with dermatologist-approved ingredients like moisture-supplying hyaluronic acid and surface-repairing ceramides are free of things you might want to avoid (detergents, parabens, fragrance), and glides like a light lotion to soften skin without causing buildup. It is your best option for a winter swap, and your skin will thank you.

CLINIQUE All About Clean Liquid Facial Soap


CLINIQUE All About Clean Liquid Facial Soap is gentle on the skin, with a non-drying lather that removes dirt while also protecting the skin's natural moisture balance.

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2. Use a gentle exfoliant

The skin becomes extremely dry in the winter, and flakiness is likely to develop, resulting in a dull complexion. This can be easily avoided by including an exfoliating step in your skincare routine. To accomplish this, avoid harsh scrubs in favor of a liquid exfoliator containing strong Alpha-hydroxy acid, such as glycolic acid.

Paula's Choice The Unscrub for all skin types


Paula's Choice The Unscrub formula is extra gentle. It contains pressure-sensitive jojoba beads that dissolve naturally as you massage them into your skin, making it nearly impossible to over-exfoliate and cause unwanted micro-tears. It's an excellent cleanser for removing sunscreen and light makeup, and the glycerin keeps skin soft and smooth.

La Roche-Posay Ultrafine Scrub for sensitive skin


La Roche-Posay Ultrafine Scrub is specially formulated for sensitive skin and contains a combination of physical and chemical exfoliants to gently remove dead skin via superfine crushed particles. What were the end results? A brighter, smoother look, as well as a non-irritated skin barrier (thanks to glycerin).

3. Use a hydrating serum

If you're wondering what your secret weapon is for keeping your skin moisturized this winter, look no further. Serums are the answer. Serums have the advantage of penetrating the skin deeper than moisturizers, allowing the skin to reap the benefits of deep hydration. After using it, your skin will have a glowing appearance with moisture successfully locked in, providing continuous hydration throughout the day.

Vichy Minéral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster


If you don't like sticky formulas, you'll want to try this lightweight moisturizing mineral face serum. This serum, designed specifically for dry and dehydrated skin, contains an exclusive VICHY ingredient: volcanic water. This water has been shown to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it against UV rays.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum


To promote a healthy-looking complexion, apply Neutrogena's hydrating serum. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to lock moisture into the skin, and it has a gentle hydrating oil-free formula that will not clog your pores.

4. Include an overnight mask in your skincare routine

Incorporate an overnight moisturizing mask if you want to do your skin a huge favor. As we all know, the skin regenerates skin cells and repairs damaged while we sleep, so for extremely dry and sensitive skin, look for face masks containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, natural essential oils such as almond and coconut, and shea butter. Simply apply the mask to your face before going to bed to allow your skin to absorb the moisture from the ingredients.

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask


This magical product aims to smooth and hydrate your skin without causing irritation, and it also helps to strengthen and protect the skin's barrier. For the best results, use it as the final step in your skincare routine.

Olay Luminous Overnight Gel Mask


This mask contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. It forms a barrier around the skin to protect it from surface free radicals. The gel texture contains hydrating honeysuckle extract and regenerative vitamin B3.

Of course, we can't forget about our body and lip care as we transition from fall to winter

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Scrubs to try this winter 

In the winter, our bodies protect our skin from drying out, which can lead to increased dryness. It's not a bad idea to exfoliate and remove any dead skin that may be clogging your pores or adding unnecessary texture to the surface. This is where body scrubs come in handy. You can do it once a week and then moisturize to keep your skin soft in the winter.

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub Exfoliator 


If you don't like winter and want a little taste of summer, here's a jar of a fruity-scented scrub. The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub Exfoliator could be a good fit for you. To soften and moisturize extremely dry skin, the oil-based scrub is infused with organic sugar and exfoliating salt grains.

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub


Another freshly scented scrub, a blend of citrus-scented sea salt, coconut oil, and avocado butter, what could be more refreshing? It's one of the best scrubs available because it's a two-in-one product that can be used on both your face and your body.

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Body Lotion to try this winter 

Moisturizing your skin on a daily basis is essential, regardless of the season. However, in the winter it’s a must 

Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk


Nivea is one of the beauty lines that never fails, and their cream is ideal for winter to keep your skin hydrated and smooth all season long.

Vaseline Intensive Care Unscented Advanced Repair Lotion


Do you know how sometimes when you apply a thick moisturizer it becomes very greasy? No, not with Vaseline. This extra light, easy-to-apply lotion contains purified petrolatum to coat and protect the skin, but it dries completely without leaving you feeling heavy on the skin.

3 Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Chapped Lips

Tips for Keeping Your Lips Healthy in Cold, Dry Winter Weather

1. Avoid licking your lips!

It's natural to want to lick your lips to moisten them when they're dry. However, licking your lips has the opposite effect. When you put saliva on your lips, it causes them to dry out faster, making your lips even drier overall. Additionally, the enzymes in saliva that are meant to digest food are irritating to the lips. In other words, leave your lips alone because you're causing more problems than you're solving it.

2. Apply an ointment-based lip balm

This will help to seal in moisture and heal skin cracks and splits. Look for an ointment that contains petrolatum, essential oils, or glycerin. Did you know that the sun can cause sunburn on your lips? That is why it is best to use a sunscreen-containing lip balm. Because it's winter, you're probably wondering what you're talking about. The sun shines in the winter, despite the colder temperatures, and the skin on the lips is thinner and more delicate.

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3. Avoid lip balms with camphor, eucalyptus, or menthol

These ingredients may feel soothing at first, but they actually dry out your lips and worsen the problem. When your lips become more dry and irritated, you apply more of this type of lip balm, and the cycle continues.

4. If your lips are dry or peeling, don't bite, brush, or rub them

You may feel the need to get rid of the annoying bumpy feeling caused by flaking and peeling because it is uncomfortable when your lips are used to feeling smooth. It's far better not to scrub your lips or pick at the peeling skin with your teeth or fingers. That only causes cracks and sores on your lips and can aggravate the situation. Instead, apply a thick ointment-based balm that will be soothing and will aid in the healing of your lips. In other words, avoid exfoliating and trying to apply a thick lip balm to chapped lips.

 5. Before going to bed, apply lip balm.

Many people sleep with their mouths open while sleeping. After eight hours of breathing in and out through your mouth, your lips can become severely dry, and lip balm can help greatly.

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