Tea tree oil has become a popular ingredient in beauty products. Women use it for many things among them, hair and skincare. We cannot overlook the many benefits of tea tree oil, which is why it became an essential ingredient in many skincare products.

Note: Tea tree oil is a bit intense so like any other product, you should patch test it on your arm before applying it to the face or any sensitive area on your skin.

So here are the benefits of tea tree oil for skin...

1. Natural deodorant

Tea tree oil contains natural anti-bacterial substances, which we all know is one of the reasons behind bad odor from sweating and tea tree oil can help prevent that smell. 

2. Tea tree oil is antiseptic

Do you know anyone who doesn't small wounds every now and then? Whether we're at home or work, we're bound to get hurt sometimes. Tea tree oil can be used to cleanse and disinfect minor wounds. (Note: You should always see your doctor if you get wounded so they can treat it professionally and properly without risking infections, inflammation and scarring)

3. Treating nail fungus

Nail fungus is a very common problem that affects many women, and although there are medications designed to treat it with the aid of doctor, some people prefer natural methods. So if you are one of these, after asking your doctor first try mixing 2 drops of tea tree oil with the same amount of coconut oil, applying it to the affected nails on a daily basis. 

4. Tea tree oil for acne

We know that acne is a skin condition that a lot of people struggle with. Tea tree oil is a major ingredient used in skincare to help with acne and oily skin. 

Note: You can actually make a natural acne treatment at home with tea tree oil. Just mix equal amounts of tea tree oil and water, and apply the mixture to the affected area daily with a clean cotton bud.

5. Skin Inflammation 

Tea tree oil is an effective way to soothe the skin. So if you have skin irritations, mix two drops of tea tree oil with any other oil you like, such as coconut oil for example, and dab it across the affected area. 

6. Skin tags

Although skin tags aren't really painful or harmful, a lot of people don't like how they look. Tea tree oil is an effective way to minimize them because it's an antibacterial.

7. Tea tree oil for Psoriasis

Simply put, Psoriasis is a skin condition where red patches appear on the skin causing persistent itching. There is no effective treatment for it yet, however, a lot of experts talked about how tea tree oil can help reduce the irritation, itching and inflammation.

8. Treating sunburn

During the summer, a lot of us experience sunburn which causes a lot of irritation and itching. Tea tree oil can help soothe any pain and treat it faster.

9. Hand sanitizer

Our hands are exposed to a lot germs, which makes us look for the best hand sanitizers and disinfectants to use daily. But if you're looking for a natural alternative, tea tree oil is one you can try.

10. Controlling oily skin

If you have oily skin, it's because your skin excessively produces oils, that accumulate and clogs pores. However, tea tree oil  works on breaking down these accumulated oils and opening the skin's pores.

11. Getting rid of ingrown hair

We talked a lot about ingrown hairs and what you can do to get rid of them. Tea tree is also another solution for this problem that we suggest trying. 

12. Treating chapped lips

In winter our lips get really dry and chapped which we tend to solve by using lip balm. If you prefer using natural products, try tea tree oil.

13. Natural makeup remover

Tea tree oil can be used as a natural make-up remover, however, your should mix it with coconut oil or almond oil.

14. Tea tree oil for under-eye circles

You can try this method for tired dark under eyes. Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and gently apply it to the area around the eyes.

15. Tea tree oil to moisturize the skin

It is also one of the oils that can be used to moisturize and hydrate dry skin.

Note: 'Raw' tea tree oil is too harsh for the skin, you should never use it as it is. Always mix it with other oils, like coconut oil/almond oil, or moisturizers or Aloe Vera. It can also be added to water.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @theaugustdiaries