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The Cancer Woman: Personality, Compatibility and Love

The Cancer woman is very peaceful, passionate, emotional, and can also become very stubborn at times. She has a strong will and is persistent.

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You can find the Cancer woman sometimes drawing away into her own shell when disturbed or provoked by others. During that time, you would feel her pessimistic side appearing. When she doesn't like someone, she would certainly show it. 

The Cancer woman is sensitive and the most caring woman of all horoscope signs. She has a great vivid imagination and is super loving and protective of the people she holds close to her heart.

Cancer Dates: 

June 23 - July 23



Cancer Compatibility: 

Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces

Not Compatible with Cancer: 

Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius



Best Characteristics of the Cancer: 

Loyal, Loving, Protective, Intuitive, Imaginative

Worst Traits of the Cancer: 

Pessimistic, Moody, Clingy, Overemotional, Suspicious

Motto of the Cancer: 

"I feel, therefore I am"

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Cancer in Love and Dating

The Cancer woman is a romantic who loves flowers, gifts, and love notes. If you want to win her, you have to woo her. She doesn't like to be rushed into falling in love and her partner has to be sensitive as well. It takes time for the Cancer woman to trust others, but once she does, you win a big part of her heart. She's very patient and will help you overcome any obstacles. The Cancer woman makes an exceptional partner and loves a guy who can hug her at any time and prepares a nice romantic dinner for her. Her heart is where her family and home are. Her family and friends are her priority and she's very caring and giving and she likes to pamper the people close to her heart.

Cancer and Sex

Cancer women love sex, but they only do it when they’re in love. They won’t be interested in temporary flings or one-night stands. The reason behind this is that Cancer women love emotional sex rather than the physical aspects of sex. Her perfect way of sleeping with her partner is on a sensual, romantic night. If there is no love, she doesn’t see the point of having sex.

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Cancer and Marriage

A Cancer woman in a relationship with you will take good care of you in good and bad times simultaneously. She won’t stop showing you how sincere and devoted she is to you. Once she’s your wife, your domestic life will be well blessed by her care and endless love.

Cancer and Motherhood

Most Cancer women have maternal instincts that are hardwired into their personalities. From an early age, a Cancer woman is caring for her siblings, friends, pets, dolls, and anyone who’s in need of a maternal touch. Most Cancer women are literally born to be moms. You’re the kind of mom who’s ready to sacrifice her happiness for the well-being of her children and still be pleased about it.

Cancer and Work

The Cancer woman might keep a low profile at work but that doesn't mean she's not interested to advance in her career or witness success. She's a great judge of character and makes a great business person. The Cancer woman would be perfect with handling money as she's creative and has killer business instincts. Did we mention that she also has many interests in life?

Cancer and Friends

The Cancer woman is caring and is the person who makes sure everyone around her is happy and safe. She regularly asks about people and looks after the close ones in her life. She's very sensitive and can easily get hurt by a clumsy comment. She'll soon forget about that comment though after she makes it out of her shell again. The Cancer woman treasures her friends!

Cancer and Fashion

The Cancer woman prefers traditional outfits and the ones on the feminine side with a comfortable touch to them. She'll pick light fabrics any day over tight jeans. She loves luxury pieces and blue would be the most popping color in her closet. The Cancer woman is stylish and up-to-date with the latest in fashion, yet she doesn't experiment much with bold trends. Her house decor would be very interesting and her favorite accessories are charm necklaces and pearls.

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