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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

20 Things Only Long-time Best Friends Would Understand

My best friend and I have been friends since we were almost five years old - and now, taking a walk down memory lane, I discovered that there are things only long-time best friends like us would understand. From sharing inside jokes to knowing their extended family members as if they're yours, here are 20 things only long-time best friends understand...

1. You share too many inside jokes no one ever can understand.

2. You can just look at each other and crack a loud laugh.

3. Her parents treat you like one of their own children, even in punishment too.

4. It’s perfectly normal that you finish each other’s sentences.

5. She can have other friends as much as she can, but you'll always know that you're her best friend, and no one's allowed to even try to call themselves her best friend!

6. She’s the only one allowed to comment on your actions.

7. You can freely say how much you hate what she's wearing, and she’d still wear it just to annoy you.

8. You’re not afraid to ask them for money; it’s like a legal right by now.

9. Long distance is nothing, video calls can go on for hours, and you’re practically cyber roommates.

10. If you don’t talk for days, it’s still okay. You’ll catch up later with a 17-hour call.

11. She's just like your mirror. Seeing you at your best and worst.

12. You grew up together - you literally know every little detail about her life.

13.  You have videos together that no else understands, but can make you both laugh for days.

14. You remember that little piece of advice she gave you 15 years ago.

15. You lost count of how much money you owe each other.

16. You’d want to beat the person who hurt her.

17. She knows things about you that no else knows.

18. You don’t just know her family, you also know her extended family and you get invited to every family occasion.

19. You made it clear that having a partner is one thing, but she’s originally yours, she’s your best friend!

20. You enjoy making fun of her, but you feel annoyed when someone else does it.

21. You had just about 3 fights in your life, and you always ended up talking normally like nothing happened.

22. You cried like a baby at their wedding - behind their back.

As you read along, I'm sure someone has crossed your mind, so make sure to share this with your long-time best friend.

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