Omar Al Sharif

Who isn't familiar with Omar Al Sharif, right? He was most certainly an amazing actor and left quite the impression on all of us. But let's focus on the present, where our super stylish Omar Al Sharif lights up the room wherever he goes, with an even more memorable impression to whoever meets him. Talk about a great sense of humor that cracks everyone up! It's the little things that matter to him, and you can easily spot that through the attention he pays to let's say the details of his outfits. That being said, his eye for detail is most probably the reason behind his ability to read people really well, it's sometimes scary how right he is! The "creatoholic" or so he likes to call himself has a brilliant and super creative mind. Omar would never be spotted in Crocs and metal bands t-shirts. You can reach him on omar@fustany.com or on Twitter @Oimshi.


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