As a hijabi, you probably spend most of your time wearing a headscarf. But you've got to take a moment to reconsider how you treat your hair when it's under your headscarf. So, if you want to avoid hair loss and hair breakage, here's the right way to tie your hair with hijab.

1. The worst thing you can do to your hair is to wash it, tie up really tight while it's still wet, and then cover it with a headscarf, and spend many hours in the same form. With time, your hair will fall, and it will become very weak.

2. You need to brush your hair every day, or every other day, according to your hair type. Because twisted hair becomes very dry, so when you'll try to brush it, it will break.

3. Forget about tight hair ties, whether your hair is wet or not. When you tie your hair tight, you twist it and you make it easier to break. So, if you like braids, keep them loose, if you like low buns, also keep them loose. 

4. It's best to use hair ties made of fabric, they're so much gentler on your hair.

5. Last but not least, don't wrap your hijab too tight, it also contributes in your hair's health and strength.