Have you ever thought about getting a new piercing? I mean with all those Instagram and Pinterest inspos, I couldn't resist and got myself a second ear lobe piercing. So, in this post, I'll give you 5 tips to do before getting your ear pierced and 5 tips for the aftercare.

Ready? Let's dig in:

5 Tips To Do Before Getting Your Ears Pierced

1. Choose the place of the piercing itself: It sounds so obvious, but trust me it's an essential step that you need to take before getting your ears pierced to make sure that you're satisfied with the result having zero regrets. In addition, believe it or not, your experiment, healing process, and cleaning method will depend on the placing of your piercing.

2. RESEARCH: It is an obvious part that you need to do your research to make sure that you fully grasp the difference between every piercing and there places. For instance, if you use your headphones too much a 'daith' piercing might not be ideal for you.

3. This is a fun one! Before getting your ears pierced try to picture yourself with the new piercing. It might seem stupid, but you don't want to get a piercing that you'll find that it doesn't suit you or your personality/style. In this step, you can even use clips earring and see how they look on you before getting your actual piercing. For example,

4. Getting to know the method that you want to get your ear piercing is VERY important: There are multiple ways you can get you ear pierced with; for example, gun, needle, or the earing itself. However, after days of researching, the safest options to get your ears pierced is through the needle or through the earrings themselves since the risk of getting infection is so low unlike the gun. In fact, the needle and the earrings can be easily and accurately sterilized; however, the gun is harder when it comes to sterilizing, but you can ask your piercer to sterilize it yourself using rubbing alcohol, cologne, or even steam from a boiling hot water in order to kill the bacteria.

5. This is not a tip but rather a fact; piercing does hurt, yet it all depends on the type of piercing that you want to get and your intolerance to pain. However, pain should not stop you from getting something that you really want. Also, pretty please DO NOT WATCH PIERCING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE because how people look doesn't illustrate there actual feelings. So, if you are intending to stack up your ears, please don't watch any of these videos because I, myself, won't dare to get my ears pierced if I have watched these videos.

Now, Let me tell you 5 simple tips to do AFTER getting your ears freshly pierced:

1. Take out the medical earrings, the one your piercer will put seconds after getting your ear pierced, after 24 hours ONLY or else they will react with your body and might cause infection. Instead of them, you should wear your earrings that you want and that leads us to the second tip.

2. Make sure that your new earrings are made of gold or silver, but NEVER cheap accessory earrings! Since your piercing is still very tender and would be infected easily, you cannot wear accessories; instead, wear a decent gold or silver earring because they are the least metals that would react with your body. However, after your piercing heal properly, you can wear whatever you want. It is only temporal!

3. As I mentioned above that your piercing is tender and more inclined to get infection from all the bacteria that we face daily; thus, to keep your piercing clean, you need to follow a simple routine. Your cleaning routine will include a simple DIY that consists of water, vinegar/sea salt, Q-tips, and any antibiotic cream (Fucidin, Garamycin... etc.) that you have at home. You'll start your routine by washing your hands thoroughly. Then, you'll take off your earrings and soak them in water and vinegar or sea salt. With a Q-tip ONLY soak it in water and vinegar or sea salt and gently start to wipe the place that you pierced. Don't forget to wipe the frontal and the backward of your ear, as well. Finally, put some of your antibiotic cream using Q-tips on the place that you pierced and return gently put back your earring. Make sure that you repeat this process twice a day for the first two weeks and then once a day up until 10 weeks.

4. Your piercing is like a wound that will take time to heal, so please don't rush it or escape any part of your routine to make sure that your piercing will heal properly. In fact, part of the 'research' process mentioned at the beginning is to look up for the duration of the healing process. For example, the ear lobe earrings whether upper lobe or the lobe itself both take from 1-3 months to fully heal. However, the helix piercing take from 9-12 months to fully heal. See, it is important to know how long you'll take care of your piercing to avoid any problem during the healing process.

5. Finally, don't take off your earrings until you reach weak six because your piercing might get closed if you take off your earrings before that. Plus, an extra tip: please DO NOT PLAY with your earrings or in the place you got pierced because our hands contain unlimited amount of bacteria that might harm your fresh piercing.

Now, I think you are ready to rock your pretty jewelry and stack your ears!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @beyonce