Ladies, before I kick this article off, let me get one thing straight, there's "sexy" in every woman of us. Yes, it's true! You might feel it at times, and at others not so much, and actually some of us might feel it more often than others, but it's all about you! What you feel inside about yourself, is what people see on the outside about you. So keep screaming from the inside, hell yeah I'm sexy and I know it. Now repeat that, a bit louder, until you're 100% convinced with it.

1. Meditation is always good for both your body and your soul, as it takes all the stress you're feeling away and helps you focus. Believe it or not meditation will help a lot with your self confidence which would lead to you feeling sexy and great about yourself.

2. Exercising is crucial for your daily life as it leaves you fit and healthy, but not every exercising type makes you feel sexy. I'd recommend trying out dancing classes; perhaps belly-dancing, salsa, hip hop or pole-dancing? Dancing to music with a lively beat makes you feel happy and that's the best feeling ever.

3. In order to appreciate yourself, you need to know the good things about yourself, whether it's about your body or face. Learn how to compliment and highlight your positive features and most importantly accept compliments and remember them.

4. Taking a shower always leaves you fresh, but using your favorite shower gel, scrub and body lotion with scents you personally adore is just priceless and will certainly help you feel super sexy.

5. Focusing on your dental hygiene can do wonders! It doesn't only leave you fresh, but also encourages to smile, laugh and speak more confidently. That's what I call sexy!

6. Taking extra care of your skin, nails and hair will reflect from within on how sexy you feel. Use a daily soft skin cleanser, moisturizing cream, give your hair the attention it deserves, take vitamins and follow a healthy diet.

7. Do you wear granny panties? Well, it's about time to ditch them. Seriously, go buy yourself a nice wardrobe filled with sexy and colorful lingerie; whether with lace details, vibrant colors, trendy prints. Even if no one sees it, it certainly reflects on how sexy you see yourself.

8. I will not start listing the benefits of water, because they are endless. But I'll tell you this, drinking lots of water and eating nutritious food will make you feel sexy.

9. Red screams confidence and you will never go unnoticed when wearing red. I've tried it and I can personally tell you how true it is. Red makes you the center of attention and instantly grabs the eye, especially if you're wearing a fashionable piece of clothing. I would say red dresses are the best, pants and tops are also a great idea, but not together. Wear red and feel sexy!

10. Too much makeup is never sexy, as a matter of fact it's the furthest thing from it. I would say, go light on makeup, but go for a mascara that gives your lashes volume, no one can resist that. A tone of blusher that compliments your skin tone with a bit of sparkle would leave you looking wonderful. Go easy on the lipstick, preferably a pastel pink shade or even something transparent. 

At the end, it all comes down to loving yourself.