For many people, winter time is when they literally turn into a potato couch! All they do is watch movies, eat all day long, and just move around the house just to make sure their legs still function. Well, it’s time to take a stand against laziness, and start losing weight during winter and gain back your energy.

What you need to do? Change your diet and start exercising. So, keep on reading to know the best way to lose weight during winter. 

Food substitution:

You can stay warm with low fat food. Don’t take the easy road by eating too many carbs and fried food.

1. For example, instead of cooked rice, you can have steamed rice. Instead of fried chicken, you can have cooked chicken and add lemon sauce or any kind of sauce you like.

2. Substitute unhealthy fatty recipes and ingredients with healthy and low fat ones.

3. Salad is not just for summer, salad is important for your digestions and immune system all year long.  

4. Substitute French fries with baked or mashed potatoes.

5. Drinking soup will keep you warm all the time.

6. Hot chocolate is not the only drink that will keep you warm, so instead of drinking 3 cups daily just drink one every three or four days. Drink tea, ginger and cinnamon, they’ll help you stay warm.

Indoor workouts:

So it’s getting harder to go the gym after work, we all day dream about the moment we get home where the warm is. But don’t worry, we got you covered with ideas to workout inside your house.

1. You can seek exercising to warm up instead of eating carbs.

2. The easiest workout to do at home is steps. If you have steps at home, you can spend like 15 minutes coming up and down until you start sweating. If you don’t have stairs, use one step and spend the same 15 minutes coming up and down.

3. Jumping the rope or skipping the rope is actually one of the best ways to burn calories at home in just 10 minutes. Spending 10 minutes on daily basis jumping the rope can enhance your posture and burn more calories than running.

4. It’s time to work on those abs, start doing sit ups every day until it becomes a habit.

5. Squats, squats are the best way to keep your lower body tight and in shape during winter and summer time. It’s a habit everyone should have.