Tracy Harmoush is the type of woman who is extremely inspiring to follow. From working in corporate, she up and shifted her life and entered the health and fitness industry. Building your way up in health and fitness is not easy, but Tracy did, and recently launched her own app to train with her. I can go on and on about her inspirational posts, but you’ve just got to go see for yourself. To add to her list of inspiration, she just documented the process of freezing her eggs, and we couldn’t help but be wowed by her courage and confidence. 

Here's What I Think About Being 30, Unmarried and Childless

Egg freezing has become more common than before, but it’s not that common that a woman shares her experience with the process, let alone her reasons on why to do it. In Tracy’s case she addresses a very important point regarding her egg freezing. She’s recently got engaged, planning on getting married soon, and still in her early 30’s, so why freeze her eggs, when it’s only a matter of time till she can start planning for a family? 

She goes on to show her journey of going through the hormone injections, the taking of the medication, explaining the process and in my opinion simplifies it, and crushes the common stigma of it being scary or even painful. It’s one thing to read about a process, it’s a whole other thing to watch someone go through and share their thoughts and feelings..

She even goes on to documents the day of extracting her eggs, from arriving to the hospital, to how she felt post the procedure of extracting her eggs, physically and mentally. She emphasizes the relief she felt, and how she feels more in control of her life, and a sense of comfort and security that she can plan her life to how she sees fit. 

Emphasis on, ‘how she sees fit’ not what society feels fit. There are some women out there who want to have kids in their 40’s and that’s okay, some women want to have kids in their 20’s and that’s okay too. There is no rule book that women need to follow, and it’s about time that women feel confident and proud to take charge of their life and plan to whatever they see fit. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @tracyharmoush