It all starts with watching at least 10 makeup tutorials online, before you get really excited about trying each and every makeup trick you just learned. By now, you’re so full of yourself, and waiting for the “eyebrows on fleek” moment, but in the process, here’s what goes in the mind of every makeup junkie.

1. Just watched a makeup tutorial? You get up and check which products you have, and you’re surprised that you have tons of makeup, but still don’t own half of the stuff the makeup blogger used for her tutorial! No problem, you can substitute, you’ll make this work.

2. You put on your foundation, but realize that you put on too much! But hey! Look, beauty blenders can fix anything! No, not really, you have to wipe off some of the foundation.

3. Is it concealer before foundation or foundation before concealer? You’ll never know.

4. Is it just me? Or contouring looks very weird when you put it on, but actually looks great in pictures? You’ll wonder if people will be able to see the weird dark lines on your cheeks!

5. You draw your eyebrows, hoping for those flawless eyebrows you saw your favorite makeup blogger do. You’re not satisfied with the result, but it’s too late now to wipe them off!

6. You take a deep breath, you don’t want to show eyeliner that you’re afraid, it can smell fear!

7. Even though your eyeliner is not symmetrical, you haven’t given up on your eyes yet, so you put on loads and loads of mascara to draw attention away from the eyeliner, but end up with messy eyelashes.

8. It’s time to get those Kylie Jenner lips, so you start with contouring your lips, and now you’re afraid people can tell that you went off your natural lip lines onto your upper lip.

9. Too much pressure you want to cry, but you’re just not ready to see 45 minutes of your life go to waste!

10. You take a moment to look in the mirror, and you realize it’s not that bad and you were just over reacting. Phew!