You know how it is, sometimes you stay out too late, or even don’t get much sleep during the night, and you wake up with a zombie-looking face. I am sure you know the face I am referring to, pale, dark circles under your eyes, eyes barely open, even your skin looks dull with no glow. However, there are a few makeup tips you should know to make you look more awake.

1. Start by washing your face with some cold water, not only will it truly wake you up, but also it will shrink your pores and reduces puffiness.

2. The next thing you need to do, is thank God for the creation of concealer. The most important makeup tip to make you look more awake, is to cover up those dark circles of yours. Tip: If you have the time, place some cucumbers on your eyes for 10 minutes, then start to conceal the dark circles.

3. Nude eyeliner is also one of the many beauty products you should be thankful for. You don’t want to go for a full-on makeup look to work, so instead, use nude eyeliner to make you look more awake. Apply the nude eyeliner to your inner waterline, it will  brighten up your eyes, which will make your face look more awake. 

4. Lining your eyelids, and going for something extravagant like a cat eye look is not the way to go. Not only is this look more suitable for an evening look, but also your eyes will still look tired, just with a cat eye twist. Line the upper waterline of your eyes with black eyeliner, be sure to keep it simple and subtle.

5. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Yes, this really does work, and you can lightly dab a coat of mascara to your lashes to accentuate them.

6. Do not use powder blush to give your cheeks some color, go for cream blush instead. Dab a few light spots onto your cheek bones and blend them in with your fingers. This will give your cheeks a natural flushed look and none would even tell you applied blush.

7. Finally, apply tinted lip balm to give your face that pop of color. Make sure that your tinted lip balm is a shade that goes well with your skin tone. For example, if you have really fair skin, do not apply a shade of dark red, save that for a night look. Go for something natural like nude or even light pink.

Voila, you have deleted last night’s evidence, and made yourself look more awake using some simple makeup tips.