We Asked Dana Khedr About the Latest Makeup trends, and This Is What She said...

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2/13/18, 12:00 AM

As a child, Dana Khedr has always been a girly girl; playing dress-up and trying on her mom's makeup was her favorite thing to do. But as she grew older, she realized she couldn’t even draw a proper liner, so she started watching makeup tutorials, fashion shows and looking up magazines. All this just to improve the way she applies makeup to herself. Then her passion started growing, and that’s when she decided to attend a makeup course, by one of the world-renowned makeup artists, Samer Khouzami. It was never her intention to partake a career in makeup. Her passion then transformed into a professional career, that she started 3 years ago. We asked Dana about the major makeup looks that will be trending in 2018, and here's what she said...

What's the #1 makeup look we will see everyone applying in 2018?

The glossy look is very trending this year, especially in fashion editorials, but I think we will likely see everyone rocking metallic eye-shadows and metallic lips.


Instagram: @bydanakhedr

What's the most flattering lipstick color for every skin tone? The fair, the tanned and the dark.

Red lipstick looks good on all kinds of skin tones. Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (shade No.1) to be exact, is my go-to lipstick for any skin tone, I think it works for everyone because it’s the perfect shade of red; not too dark and not too light.

Any trendy eyeshadow color we should be trying in 2018?

Ultra Violet is already becoming the color of the year for everything fashion related, and that will be reflected in how we apply makeup as well.


Instagram: @bydanakhedr

What's the one makeup step a girl should never leave home without? 

Concealer, concealer, concealer! A girl should never go out without it, it hides any imperfections all through the day and adds a fresh look, especially since most of us suffer from skin issues like dark circles under the eyes.

One last question, what's the most annoying makeup trend you wish girls would stop doing?

Eyelash extensions over the past few years have become the "IT makeup" thing to do. Although they look great when applied properly, overdoing it by getting the fullest and longest lashes, or not filling them out when they fall giving a spidery look, is one of the worst makeup faux pas a girl can do.


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