Your Guide to Having Healthy Beautiful Nails in Just a Few Steps

Salma Baki
2/20/19, 12:00 AM

I’m sorry to break it to you, but, nails DO tell a lot about people’s personalities. And when it comes to health, nails can be an underrated part of our bodies.

Many women’s misconception about healthy nails is just having shiny, pretty, and polished hands. On the other hand, many men find it too feminine to give attention to their nails further than clipping and soap-washing. Of course, that is important but you’d be surprised what our nails can tell us about our well-being or what unhealthy nails can do to our bodies.

Let me tell you some things about how to have healthy natural nails. I've learned a lot while writing these fifteen points.


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1. First things first. Most ladies are more attentive to their nails than gentlemen. It comes without saying, but, keep your nails clean and moisturized by soaking your hands first into soapy water and cleaning beneath your nails with a nailbrush that you can simply order from any pharmacy.

2. Sometimes we have weak nails, biotin helps to strengthen brittle nails. It can naturally be found in many foods, and it's also available in supplement forms at drugstores. But of course, consult your doctor first.

3. Always pay attention to any change in your nails. Your white, yellow, or rigged nails can tell you a lot about your body health. They can detect body diseases, problems in your liver, lungs, or heart.

4. Trimming your nails properly helps to keep them clean and stylish. Use a smaller rounded nail clipper to cut your nails but make sure to not clip them too close to the skin.

5. Metal files run halfway through your nails very quickly which is time-saving, yes? No, they can break your nails easily. Instead, the soft emery nail file or the 180/240 wood boards are the best choices.


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6. People who work a lot with their hands like gym athletes or artists are more prone to having dry hands and broken nails. At all times moisturize your nails and cuticles with oils or hand creams to keep them from dryness and cracking.

7. Cuticles are the beds that protect your nail-plates from bacteria, and removing them can expose your nails to infections. If you really want to though, soften them first with warm water then apply cuticle remover. Or gently push them back with a soft cloth after moisturizing.

8. I could almost hear my hands sing when I visit a nail salon. But don’t make 'professional nail care' a regular habit. As beautiful as your hands come out looking, it can be harmful if done regularly since the tools used at a salon can be too harsh on your cuticles, skin, or can remove layers of your nail-plates.

9.  Watch out for the new shampoo. Like your hair sometimes doesn’t get along or react well with that new shampoo, your nails can have a bad reaction as well.

10. Avoid using acetone-based polish removers. I know, right?! Apparently, it dries up your nails, cuticles, and skin. And if you already have dry, weak or chipped nails, you should definitely shift to using non-acetone polish removers. You might not find them as efficient as acetone but stay determined. It’s worth it. Read about nail polish remover types here.

11. Put on some gloves or try to avoid getting in contact with detergents and cleaning chemicals too much. They basically strip your body from its natural oils.

12. Ladies, try to avoid full-nail extensions like having gel or acrylic nails. They can cause nail breaks and sometimes even the loss of your natural nail. It can take months, up to an entire year to fully heal. I’ve heard horror stories about full nail extensions. Trust me, Not pretty. Read about how to repair your nails after acrylics.

13. Acrylic nails are so gorgeous though, right? Well, if you must, then try the nail tip-extensions rather than a full one. It doesn’t get in full contact or affect your entire nail.

14. Cheap nail polish is an eye-catching deal but nails are porous and can seriously get harmed. Nail polish, in general, contains toxins that leach into your skin and might cause harm to your body in the long run. Imagine what a cheap one can do. Besides, it won’t even look that good anyway.

15. Don’t ignore your toenails. Everything that applies to your fingernails applies to your toenails.


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Having a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle is at the tip of your fingers. Give your nails as much attention as you give your skin and hair. After all, again, nails say a lot about people's personalities.


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