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| by Salma Khattab

This Nail Polish Decluttering Idea Will Save You When You're in a Hurry

Don't you just hate it when you want a certain nail polish shade but you end up making your whole room a complete mess? We've been there, too and we know the struggle. First of all, make sure to get rid of the ones that lost their viscosity, come on, we know you don't need them anymore! So just keep the ones that still work.  Still have a mess? We've brought you a simple solution that will make finding your favorite nail color an easy task! Follow these steps to get your nail polish collection decluttered the best way!

Materials You Will Need:

1. Pens of different colors


2. White Popsicle sticks


3. Acrylic Lipstick Holder



1. Get a nail polish color and use it to color the end of the Popsicle from both sides.


2. Use the closest shade of your pens to that of the chosen nail polish and write the name of the brand and shade on the rest of the stick.


3. Place the sticks in the lipstick holder. Now, each stick has a nail polish swatch with its name written down! This will make it super easy for you to pick any shade you want saving you a a lot of time. You'll just select the swatch you want, read the name on the stick then voila!


Inner Image credits: YouTube @RealAsianBeauty

Main Image Credits: Kelsey Smith

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