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| by Salma Khattab

5 Beauty Essentials That Will Save You Space When Beach Packing!

We all know that wearing makeup on the beach is very trendy this summer, but we also know how much our skin already suffers from all it is subjected to during this season. Whether it is humidity, temperature or unhealthy sun rays, it’s crucial to pay great attention while using cosmetics in parallel to those factors. So how to pick all the main products you need to carry with you this summer without adding heavy unnecessary weight to your luggage? Worry no more. Here’s how to take all what’s essential for your beauty and skincare but still save space while packing!

1. A cream blusher will replace these 3 products:

Creamy products are more summer-friendly than powder ones. Creamy blushers stay in place even if you sweat, and they never get cakey. They can replace your collection of powder blushers which may probably get damaged when unpacking. They can also be used alongside your lip balm or alone to add some pigmentation to your lips. Not only that, but also cream blushers can be used as eyeshadows. Makeup experts and celebrity makeup artists say that warm color tones give a vibrant look when used on the eyes.

2. Carrot oils and bronzing creams will replace your powder bronzer:

As previously mentioned, summer weather loves cream products not powder ones. This is another example for a powder product that needs to be immediately replaced by a liquid one in your kit. What’s beautiful about carrot and bronzing oils/creams is that they give a color, a dewy look and leave your skin moisturized. Not only that, but these products are suitable for your face as well as the rest of your body. It’s great because you get to unify your whole body in one bronze shade. These products sometimes have SPF that may reach 50. Carrot oils in particular contain carotene antioxidants, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have moisturizing and cell-regenerative properties.

3. Your face cleanser, toner and makeup-remover are in one bottle:

Yes, you read right! This can be achieved if you get your bottle of SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 by Garnier. This product saves you from the hassle of having to pack several liquid products which may be risky for your other bag contents and may also make your luggage weigh heavier. It comes in a firm yet appealing packaging so it never leaks. This product lifts away dirt, oil and makeup without the need of harsh scrubbing which leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated and clean. Consequently, you don’t need to rinse your face after using it. It’s perfectly powerful yet gentle on the skin. Not only that, but also this product suits all skin types, even sensitive ones. It amazingly and effectively replaces your makeup remover, cleanser and toner, and it is a true life saver! Garnier Micellar Water is a must have in your summer 2018 pack!


Instagram @garnierarabia

4. BB Cream can do the job of these 5 products:

They are magic! They can replace your foundation and concealer. BB creams come in various skin shades, so you can easily pick what matches your skin tone. Most of them contain SPF up to 50 so no need to get your facial sunscreen, too! Did I mention that applying a BB cream over your eyelids will make you leave your eye primer at home? Yes! It can be a perfect base for your eye makeup. One more tip! You can use your BB cream tobrighten up the shade of your lipstick too. Apply your lipstick, and if you need to make it one or two tones brighter, add a drop of your cream and blend well and gently over your lips. Take your BB cream with you on your next beach vacation, and thank me later!

5. Take only two lipsticks + your lipbalm and leave the rest of the kit at home:

Yes! Choose two of your favorite lipstick shades, preferably matte ones, and don’t forget your lip balm. I would recommend that one of them would be a nude/pink lipstick and the other would be bold (red or dark red). Here’s the hack: with the matte lip stains, you can get the matte finish, but if you add a bit of lip balm, it will give you a glossy look! Not to mention that your lip balm is already essential even if you’re not going to apply any color on your lips. You can also blend both colors, in different ratios to achieve new shades! This only-two-lipstick-tip will save you a lot of space in your bag. Also, your lipsticks can be a backup if you lose your cream blush for any reason.


YouTube @amandaesning

Also don’t forget to check out Garnier’s booth if you’re spending your vacation in Egypt’s North Coast! They offer a station with all you need to refresh your skin and makeup when you’re on the beach. Their beauty expert is available too, to offer you tissue masks and cool glittery face art.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @fede_surfbags

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