Acne is annoying, however, back acne has got to be one of the worst types. So, we decided to share with you five ways to prevent back acne at all times, so you will never need to suffer ladies. If your skin is prone to back acne, or you are currently suffering from back acne, then this article is definitely for you.

1. Showering regularly. 

In order to prevent back acne, make sure to shower regularly, especially after a sweaty workout or just a hot summer day. Sweat is one of the major reasons that can cause back acne, due to the fact that it blocks your pores with its bacteria.

2. Choose your clothes wisely. 

You should know that clothes made out of polyester can cause back acne. Therefore, in order to prevent back acne, make sure to stay away from clothes that contain polyester, and go for clothes made out of cotton instead. Don’t panic if you realize most of your clothes contain polyester, just make sure to wear a cotton tank top under it to protect your skin from any back acne.

3. Stay away from hot water. 

Another way to prevent back acne, is to stay away from using hot water when showering, instead shower with cold water. Hot water can cause back acne, especially if you have sensitive skin.  

4. Don’t use oily skincare products.

Be very careful when picking your skincare products if you have sensitive skin and suffer from back acne. Stay away from products that are oily, as they will only increase your chances of getting back acne.

5. Use medical soaps.

When washing your back, make sure to use a soap that contains salicylic acid, willow bark extract, benzyl peroxide, any of these ingredients can prevent back acne, and dry out any existing pimples on your back.