How to Layer Your Necklaces According to Your Outfit

Zeinab El-Fiqi
7/21/15, 12:00 AM

Going through Pinterest and fashion magazines, I bet you always noticed how models, bloggers and celebrities layer their necklaces. Knowing how to layer your necklaces according to your outfit is an art, but don't worry, because it's easy to master. No rules are included, just a sense of fashion and a few guiding tips.

Just like stacking up rings, layering necklaces revives your outfits and gives you the ultimate boho-chic look. Read along for some tips on how to layer your necklaces according to your outfit...

How to layer fine necklaces:

Let me start by telling you that layering fine necklaces goes perfect with V-neck tops and open shirts.

To get the best layered dainty necklaces look, you need three to four necklaces with different lengths. Mix and match simple chain necklace with pendant necklaces. Also, don’t be shy to sport super long necklaces with short ones, remember it’s all about what looks good.

How to layer chunky necklaces:

The layered chunky necklaces go best with collared tops and closed necklines. To me, chunky necklaces are a real fashion statement. They're for the fearless girl. So how about a girl who can sport more than one chunky necklace at one time?

To achieve the ultimate layered chunky necklaces style, you need to have two to three necklaces of different sizes and lengths. Why? So every necklace can stand out alone, and eventually you don’t want to look like you’re choking! Make sure that all the necklaces compliment each other, in terms of color and style.

How to layer dainty and statement necklaces:

Now for the ultimate bohemian look, mix your dainty necklaces with the statement ones. You can wear short chunky necklaces with one or two long necklaces. Or you can put on a short fine necklace or a medium length fine necklace with a chunky necklace. Always make sure you're wearing a simple top, to let your accessories take the spotlight.

Now take a look at some ideas to inspire you to layer your necklaces.


Zeinab El-Fiqi

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