Since the start of 2018, Sunglasses trends have been spreading diversely in all shapes, sizes and styles. Oversized sunglasses stood out the most for obvious reasons, loved and worn by celebrities influencing women's choice in sunnies this year. It got me curious to try them out, until I found how much they don't suit me at all, even though they look great on a lot of my friends. I looked up the reasons why they can't seem to work for me and found out a couple of rules that could help me out when picking the perfect shades. After following these tips, I easily bought myself the sunglasses I had in mind, that also suited my face. For that reason, I wanted to share with you these tips to help you pick the sunglasses you want...

1. Try picking out a frame that is not too thick, no matter how big the glasses are themselves.

2. Avoid sunglasses with frames that touch your cheeks.

3. If you find them covering your eyebrows, switch them out for ones that don't.

4. When buying a new pair of oversized sunglasses, test out in the store the smiling technique. If it moves from your nose when you smile, then it's not right for you.

5. You have to know what shapes suit your face before going shopping. When it comes to oversized shades, there are round ones, squared and rectangular.

Find out your perfect shape match here...