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| by The Fustany Team

Old Egyptian Toys Inspired Sami Amin's New Collection, and You Have to See It!

Sami Amin has been designing for 25 years, and year after year, he experiments with different types of inspiration and craftsmanship. However, it all revolves around one thing: Egyptian heritage. For his 2018 collection, Sami Amin got inspired by toys from the Egyptian culture, including significant items such as swings, dolls, rattles and dice. Yes, you'll find necklaces, rings and bags and more featuring these items! What makes Sami Amin's new collection more special, is that most of the accessory pieces move, adding a fun element to your total look.

We know that we got you excited, and we made your inner child so curious! Just scroll down, and take a look at Sami Amin's 2018 toys-inspired collection.

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