We've seen a lot of throwbacks in fashion in past 3 years. Among the most prominent decade returns was the '90s. '90s Bag styles made a return for 2019 handbag trends. We're seeing a lot of belt bags and longer straps and we wanted to share with you the latest bag trends so you can start updating your accessories closet for the summer and fall. 

Essential Handbags

The return of the belt bag is going strong and designers have been playing around creatively and elevating it's style. It's a practical bag that is comfortable but also looks really cool with a lot of outfits. The belt bag can also be worn as crossbody if this is what makes you comfortable. Speaking of comfort...small backpacks are also back with a '90s twist, which is great because they show that comfort doesn't have to comprise chicness. 

Our Mom's '90s Bags

Transparent bags are still going strong, we've seen our mothers wear them and now we're following their footsteps. Cylinder shaped mini duffel bags are also in style and are among the most trending pieces for summer 2019.

Take a look at the latest bag trends below for 2019: 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @stylesightworldwide