Princess Haya bint Al Hussein is one of the most popular royals of the Middle East; she's the wife of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE, and the daughter of the late King Hussein of Jordan. She is no stranger to fame, as she's used to being in the spotlight.

Besides her royal duties, Princess Haya takes part in many social, humanitarian and sporting activities, proving that she's indeed an outstanding role model to Arab woman. And here's the other thing about HRH Princess Haya, she has such a chic style.

Whether she's casually out and about, attending formal events or even bonding with her beloved horses, you can notice that Princess Haya's looks are chic and very eclectic. She has an aesthetic that balances between her royal status and her everyday life.

Below is a collection of photos featuring Princess Haya's looks, showing her personal style and what she likes to wear. You can see that she chooses unique kaftan dresses in vivid colors, and she also picks chic hats with fun details to complete her formal outfits.

Scroll down to see some of HRH Princess Haya's best fashion looks.