I follow dozens of fashion bloggers from the Middle East and the rest of the world, and I admire the style of each one of them. But, I always found difficulty or a psychological barrier to get out of the style I created for myself a long time ago. 

So, I took a decision! In 2018, I am going to try new things, like copying outfits from street style stars that I like but don't have the guts to even try it on! Thus, let me introduce you to the 5 outfit ideas I am going to try from my favorite Instagram fashion bloggers. 

1. Alicia Roddy: 

This fashion blogger is one of the women that I really like their style, but because she's very thin and fit, and I am curvy, I was always afraid to try some of the outfits she wore. But, since green is my favorite color, and I really like how she mixed and matched two slightly different shades of it, I want to try wearing a whole outfit made of the same color.  

Alicia Roddy - Fashion Blogger   

2. Xenia:

I wore a lot of black outfits last winter, but I always wanted to try it with a pop of color like Xenia did in the picture below. So, my next outfit will be dramatic, an all black one with the electric pink bag I bought ages ago and never wore. 

Xenia  - Fashion Blogger  

3. Emili Sindlev:

I really regret not wearing my thigh high boots this last winter with one of the midi dresses and skirts I own. So, I am going to try and wear them with them in spring with tights and kitten heel ballerinas.  

Fashion Blogger - Emili Sindlev -  

4. Evangelie Smyrniotaki: 

Seriously, those pants are trending like crazy and I am loving them. I may not wear them in pink like this girl, but, I would definitely give it a try this spring!

Fashion Blogger - Evangelie Smyrniotaki -  

5. Rocky Barnes:

I also don't have the guts to wear a piece that has a lot of different colors and patterns. But I love this one Rocky is wearing, and I'll be looking for a similar one to wear this spring!

Fashion Blogger - Rocky Barnes -  

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @ohhcouture