Italy! The home of Gucci, Versace, and pasta of course. Whilst holidaying in Venice, I noticed that the Venetians were as beautifully dressed as the architecture, with their own unique sense of timeless style that flatters women of every shape. Italian fashion easily transcends the generations, with draped fabrics, block color and killer heels.

1. Simplicity

Forget gaudy jewelry and garish color, it's all about classic black -with minimal accessories. Think figure hugging black trousers, a black or grey turtleneck and maybe a delicate timepiece. Makeup is also very minimal, with that invisible foundation 'I woke up like this' complexion and some eyeliner.


2. Prints and Sunglasses

In direct contrast to the all-black trend, a lot of Italian women were wearing that famous Versace print -with sandals and oversized sunglasses. A long dress paired with huge black shades won't go amiss in the style stakes. The color of the moment appears to be green and gold with a splash of white.


3. Crafty Construction

We all have parts of ourselves that are best kept under wraps, and that can be done with the clever addition of layers and draped fabric. Conceal a bloated middle area with a draped top or loose jumper, making yourself more slimline by pairing it with tighter jeans or a form fitting pencil skirt. Italian women managed to pull off this sleek look -even when popping to the supermarket to get some milk.


4. Well made clothes

Well tailored clothing was the look favored overall in the historic streets of Venice. The pieces were lacking frills, yet were made from fine, durable materials. This is a staple in European fashion, spending more on one item of clothing, than buying ten bargain pieces.

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