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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

You'll Be Seeing Every Fashion Girl Wearing These Trousers This Year

High-waisted jeans made a huge come back a while ago, and now these high-waisted trousers will be dominating the fashion scene all year long, from spring until next winter. So, believe me when I say that you need to have at least one pair of them in your wardrobe in 2018.

You’ll find them available in many different forms, so, let me show you how some of my favorite fashion girls wore them.  

1. Diana Enciu

high waisted trousers - fashion 2018  

2. Aimee Song 

high waisted trousers - fashion 2018   

3. Kaylah Sayah

high waisted trousers - fashion 2018  

4. Lara Scandar

high waisted trousers - fashion 2018  

Need more proof that the high waisted trousers are the "IT" piece of clothes this year? Then scroll down to see some the coolest brands that included them in their collections.

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