Lebanese weddings are known to be extravagant; epic ballrooms, magnificent designer wedding dresses, top-notch hairdressers and makeup artists, mouthwatering buffets, dazzling bridal jewelry...you name it! Well, of course not all Lebanese weddings are over-the-top, but in 2016 we witnessed some of the most talked-about unbelievably extravagant Lebanese wedding celebrations, which we've seen thanks to the popular Instagram account @LebaneseWeddings. So we decided to share with you a roundup of the Lebanese brides who wore the best wedding dresses in 2016. Start scrolling through, and brace yourselves for major (blingy!) bridal inspiration.

1. Maya Barakat is probably the newest bride on our list. She just got married a few days ago, and she wore a custom-made Krikor Jabotian wedding dress. The cape-looking back detail is just so exquisite!

2. Yasmina Zaatari had the kind of wedding that was literally the talk of the town. She bedazzled in a custom-made Zuhair Murad wedding dress, and she looked even more beautiful with Bassam Fattouh and Tony El-Mendelek's makeup and hair touches.

3. Carine Abi Akar's wedding dress is a living proof that sometimes bigger is better! Just take a look at her custom-made Rami Kadi wedding dress. That endless back and embellished veil - wow!

4. Lolwa Al-Obaid had a beautiful Lebanese wedding this summer, and she couldn't have picked a more beautiful gown. Her wedding dress was designed by Azzi & Osta, and her bridal look was so perfect thanks to Hala Ajam's makeup and Hussein Safwan's hair-styling.

5. This is certainly an extravagant wedding dress that you just can't miss. Najarian Gaelle picked Ashi Studio to design her wedding dress, and the result was truly magnificent. Of course, Tony El-Mendelek and Roula Riachi added their magical touches for the perfect look.

6. Lara Joumaa certainly didn't go for a traditional wedding look, as she picked an unconventional wedding dress designed by Ashi Studio. Who said you can't be yourself on your wedding day?

7. Yasmin Agha had one of the most extravagant Lebanese weddings of the year, and she picked the perfect wedding dress for that special day. She wore a custom-made Ashi Studio wedding dress, with intricate beading and a beautiful matching veil.

8. Sharon Tamer is a Lebanese bride who decided to go for a majestic look on her wedding day. She wore a very chic Zuhair Murad wedding dress, which had exquisite beading and embellishments. The brilliant makeup artist Hala Ajam and talented hairdresser Tony El-Mendelek were behind her beauty look.

9. Lama Dannawi couldn't have made better choices for her bridal look; she wore an Elie Saab wedding dress, and she had Wassim Morkos and Bassam Fattouh responsible for her hair and makeup. Our favorite bit is that beautiful headpiece!

10. Nahla is another pretty Lebanese bride who went for a custom-made Rami Kadi wedding dress for her big bay. Why? That's probably because Rami Kadi creates bridal masterpieces that would make any bride happy!

11. Joumana Abdallah is a Lebense bride who had one of the very special bridal looks in 2016. It's nothing like we've seen before! Her dress is designed by Zuhair Murad, and it looks like sensual flower petals. So beautiful.

12. Rhea Hindi knows how to celebrate a wedding the extravagant way; she's a wedding planner herself! For her own wedding day, she went for a custom-made Rami Kadi wedding dress that had spectacular majestic details. Can you spot the pretty roses all over the gown?

13. Dana Wolley is a Lebanese bride that literally made headlines! Her wedding dress was specially designed for her by Esposa, and it took a year in the making. Click here if you want to see more of Dana Wolley's bridal look.

14. Aya Hasan is another Lebanese bride who had a spectacular wedding, and she picked the young and exceptionally talented Hussein Bazaza to design her wedding dress. We just love the royal look!

15. When Lebanese beauty queen, Rima Fakih, got married earlier this year, the whole world was watching! What did she wear on her wedding day? An Elie Saab wedding dress.

16. Marwa Hachem is a Lebanese bride who proved that long-sleeved wedding dresses can be oh-so chic, right? She picked a Zuhair Murad wedding dress for her big day, and she just looked so elegant.

17. Lana Khoury had a long weekend of festive Lebanese wedding celebrations, that she ended with an extravagant wedding party, where she wore a Maison Valentino wedding dress. Her look was simple, yet so chic!

18. Lucyanna Baracat was a truly bedazzling Lebanese bride. Her heavily but intricately embellished Elie Saab wedding dress literally sparkled whenever she moved around. And that headpiece, just so beautiful.

Photo Credits: Instagram: @LebaneseWeddings