Every bride’s dream is to look flawlessly gorgeous on her wedding day, and to help every bride wearing hijab on her wedding day, here are some hijab fashion tips that you should put into consideration, before picking out your wedding dress, your wedding veil and your over-all bridal look.

1. Define your body shape.

Every bride should know first which body shape she falls under, and according to that she shall pick the most flattering wedding dress shape for her body. Always remember that the wedding dress shape should look smooth and easy going with your body shape

.Weddings - Wedding dresses - Hijab

2. Pick a fabric that won’t restrain your body movement.

It’s very important for brides wearing the hijab to pick a dress with a light and easy going fabric, so they can move their arms freely. Some fabrics might look very beautiful, but they are very thick and while you move your arms you’ll feel like you’re doing so much effort, which makes you feel cranky and upset during your wedding.

Weddings - Wedding dresses - Hijab

3. Don’t wear a nude colored underline under a see-through wedding dress.

You might think that you look covered with a nude colored underline see-through wedding dress, you're not. It will look weird and out of place with your headscarf, so opt for a design that is well covered so the whole look would be in harmony and chic.

Weddings - Wedding dresses - Hijab

4. Pick a head scarf wrapping style that you usually feel comfortable wearing.

I always see brides getting headaches from wearing a headscarf they’re not used to wearing. On your wedding day you want to look happy and relaxed, so if you feel comfortable in a turban pick it, and if you feel comfortable in the traditional hijab wrapping wear it.

Weddings - Wedding dresses - Hijab

5. Wear a headpiece and a thick veil to cover your hair.

I am in love with how Naem Khan dressed his models with flower crowns for his Fall 2016 bridal collection, you can totally work your way around with a headpiece or a flower crown and a thick veil to cover your hair, instead of wearing a headscarf and a lightweight veil.

Weddings - Wedding dresses - Hijab