How to Know If Mermaid Wedding Dresses Suit Your Body Shape

Heba Abohemed
8/18/16, 12:00 AM

In the recent years, mermaid wedding dresses have been taking over. Many brides choose to wear mermaid wedding dresses rather than going for ball-gown wedding dresses. Why so? Well, mermaid wedding dresses are lightweight, so they're easier for moving around comfortably and dancing all night long!

But before you take your pick, do you know if mermaid wedding dresses suit your body shape, and actually flatter it? Read along to find out...

Here are the body shapes that perfectly go with mermaid wedding dresses:

1. Brides with an hourglass body shape, who have shoulders and hips with an equal width and a narrower waist.
2. Brides with an inverted triangle body shape, who have broader shoulders compared to the hips.
3. Brides with a rectangle body shape, who have shoulders, hips and waist with an equal width.

If you have any of the above mentioned body shapes, then you can safely choose a mermaid wedding dress. Yes, fitted silhouettes will look great on you, and a mermaid wedding dress will cinch your waist and show off your body curves in the right way.

Need bridal inspiration? Scroll through to see a selection of our favorite mermaid wedding dresses.


Heba Abohemed

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