Sometimes I think there's a book of bridal cliches, which includes bridal fashion rules that everyone seems to follow. But guess what brides-to-be, it's OKAY to break some of the (nonexistent) bridal fashion rules on your wedding day! When we say the word bride, I'm sure you all get a certain vision in your mind; a picture of a princess-like woman, in a pouffy dress, sophisticated up-do, with a super long veil and tiara. We tend to have that fairytale scene of brides, because let's really face it, almost all brides do look the same on their wedding day, and very few have the courage to go out of the norm.

Although it's important to have a classic touch to your wedding day day look, because you don't really want to regret it many years later, it's also important to be yourself and reflect your personal style. That's why I encourage every bride-to-be out there to do whatever will make her happy on her wedding day and trust her gut feeling! Want to wear sneakers beneath your dress? Absolutely go for it! If you're feeling a bit skeptical about something you want to do, here's a list of eight bridal fashion rules to be broken on your wedding day to help you be that rebellious bride!

1. The bride should wear a ball gown.

Brides-to-be spend ages shopping for their wedding dress, and the only thing they should consider, is picking a dress that they LOVE, with a silhouette that flatters their body shape, highlighting their best assets. For example, if you're petite, then avoid going for dresses with extra volume, you'll be lost inside it! If you're busty, then don't pick a gown with embellishments and ruffles, and try to choose a dress with design details that will minimize your waistline. 

2. The bride's ballgown should only be white or off white.

Another bridal fashion rule to be broken on your wedding day was set by Vera Wang, the queen of bridal couture, who proved that wedding gowns in non-traditional colors are totally acceptable/wearable! If you want to go for a colored wedding gown, take inspiration from Vera Wang, throughout her past collections, she introduced us to blush, pastel pink, fuchsia, red and black wedding dresses!

3. Floor length. That should be your go-to wedding gown pick.

Short wedding dresses have been trending lately, they're becoming very popular in summer weddings and a lot of brides have been loving the look. If you want to go for a short wedding gown, but also want to have that classic side to your bridal look, then go for a convertible wedding dress, or a high-low hem gown, they were made to satisfy brides-to-be like you! The most important thing, is to pick a killer pair of shoes, it will be one of the most important aspects complimenting your wedding day look.

4. Every bride should wear a veil.

A veil is indeed a very important factor of a bridal look, but some brides just don't feel like wearing a veil - and that's totally okay! If you want to skip the veil on your wedding day, you can either wear a bejeweled bridal headpiece, or a birdcage veil. Another option, is to wear a wedding veil during the marriage ceremony, and then take it off as soon as the party starts. That way, you could please your mother who wants to see you in a veil, but you'll also be breaking a bridal fashion rule!

5. The bride's shoes should be white and sparkly.

Yes, you can choose to wear Cinderella shoes on your wedding day, but you can also go very creative with your choice of bridal footwear. Wear a pair of blue sandals as your "something blue," or go for white sneakers for comfy happy feet! P.S. The most important factor to consider while choosing your wedding day shoes is comfort!

6. The jewelry that should be seen on brides: diamonds.

No, you don't have to wear diamonds to have the ultimate bridal look. If you feel like wearing your family's handed-down diamond set, then do that. If diamonds and pearls are not your thing, and you want to wear statement jewelry, then do it and don't hesitate to break a bridal fashion rule, but make sure to maintain a balanced look. Match an eye-catching bejeweled necklace with simple stud earrings, and if you decided to go for statement earrings, then you don't have to wear a necklace. Also, consider your hairstyle and bridal headpiece when picking your wedding day jewelry.

7. All brides should have French manicure on their nails.

Most (if not all) traditional brides go for French manicure, and it's an understandable choice. Although French manicure is a safe and classic option that you can't really go wrong with, it's totally fine to break the rules. If nail art is your thing, then go for it on your wedding day. Want to add an understated pop of color to your bridal look? Then go for pink or red nails.

8. Bridesmaids should all be wearing the same dress.

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look picture perfect, and to achieve that, you better go for mismatched bridesmaids' dresses. The same dress will not fit all styles, shapes and sizes, so going with mismatched dresses will assure everyone looking their best. Pick a color palette and make sure that they all have the same hem to have an overall cohesive look.

Now that I went through the eight bridal fashion rules to be broken on your wedding day, check out the following photos for inspiration...