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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Which Bridal Flower Bouquet Will You Go for on Your Wedding Day?

A bridal flower bouquet is a classic touch that completes your timeless bridal look on your big day. There is so much to be done with a bouquet and sometimes brides forget the endless possibilities and options they have to play around with. There is something for every taste and wedding theme, these 6 types we've picked out are surely going to add something special to your wedding pictures. Keep your options open and get inspired by these bridal bouquets to help you customize your own for your special day.

1. Classic White

Instagram: @lebaneseweddings

2. Pastels

Instagram: @lebaneseweddings

3. Dangling and Leafy

Instagram: @lebaneseweddings

4. Rustic

Instagram: @lebaneseweddings

5. Colorful

Instagram: @davidsbridal

6. Big Statement

Instagram: @lebaneseweddings

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