Designer duos behind Taller Marmo, Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea, started off their show with basic colors, more specific black and white. The show then included other shades, but these two colors definitely dominanted. The collection included many interesting pieces such as their own take on kaftans, evening wear and swimsuits. Some of the designs included a wonderful detail on the side of the waist, something similar to a patch with four buttons. It looked great! However, we didn’t fancy was the red circle representing the sun which was present on some of the designs. On the other hand, we absolutely loved the pieces that included the half moon, and the others with the face shape as they blended perfectly with the whole show. Oh, did we mention the swimsuits were our favorite addition?!


Meet the modern shimmery disco queen! A collection full of designs which worked perfectly with the modern woman who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. A mix of fabrics and techniques were used by Hasan Hejazi in his Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcased at Fashion Forward. He opted for some basic designs, but complemented them with others that stood out strongly. If you ask us, that’s the right kind of mix! Hasan Hejazi didn’t limit himself to a set of colors, but experimented with many throughout the different looks he introduced.


The designer showcased various figure flattering evening dresses with fine details that included beading and crystals forming geometrical shapes. The colors were inspired by mother earth, however we thought they could have been a bit more fun to bring more life to the runway. Having said that, it wouldn’t have gone with the whole vibe Dany Tabet brought to life, which is his own desert, a dark kind of desert. It’s not one that fits an adventurer, but rather an oriental kaleidoscope where no man will find an oasis to rest. Let’s just say that it’s quite interesting and contains a different point of view to get inspired by.


We have a confession to make. Endemage’s designs by Omani sisters Lubna and Nadia Zakwani at Fashion Forward was one of our favorite shows ever. Why? Simply because they truly understand their audience, who we consider ourselves part of. Endemage’s collection is not just wearable but extremely beautiful. The colors ranged between lighter shades such as white, creme and lilac, and took a darker yet very vibrant turn towards teal. Seriously, who doesn’t love teal? Endemage’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was inspired by Zanzibar, its beautiful beaches and tropical scenery. The leaves’ patterns were used in amazing ways throughout the collection, either through embroidery or cut-outs. Frankly, one of the most elegant and wearable pieces this season!


Tahir Sultan’s show started off with a stunner; a creme embellished jacket which left the crowd pretty happy. His Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcased at Fashion Forward was full of variety. Even though we thought these different styles were very beautiful, the pieces didn’t necessarily all go in sync. We’ve seen the embellishments, colorful and checkered prints, draped dresses, oh and the life vest jackets, we’ll tell you more about that in a second. The thing we absolutely loved, was how the vibrant prints chosen blended together just perfectly for some serious eye-candy. Tahir Sultan showcased his own take on the chemise dress; it’s one of those out of the box designs that you either love or hate, and we loved it, the draped dresses were constructed in a very modern and elegant way. Lastly the life vest jackets, their neon colors were a breeze of fresh air, yet we have no idea where we would wear these, but they definitely put a smile on our faces. As for out least favorite piece, the grey checkered print; fail!


Let’s start off by saying that Zareena’s show had a very unique touch to it. The hair, makeup and accessories were the factor that brought in the consistency throughout the different looks, but when it came to busier designs that had a lot going on, they might have been a bit too distracting. It was obvious that Zareena doesn’t like to restrict herself to one color, but she certainly loves gold as it was present throughout most of the designs especially with her embroidered pieces. Zareen’a designs were rich and we loved how she got inspired by the Middle Eastern culture and its many charming elements. One thing we could change? 50 pieces were showcased, and needless to say the show was a tad too long.

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Image Credits: Ian Gavan and Stuart Wilson of Getty Images