So your little one has finally moved out of the baby crib, and settled into a new bed... Now what? If you won't need it anymore, then this means one thing, it's time to repurpose your old baby's crib.

I've always found some very cool ideas on Pinterest to repurpose old baby cribs, and I decided to share them with you. There's so much you can do with old baby cribs, you have no idea. Did you know that you can turn your old baby crib into a swing or better yet, it can be a craft table so your kids can enjoy their play time.

When you plan to repurpose your old baby's crib, you can use bits and pieces for different DIY projects. For example, use the baby crib rails to organize bed covers or books and magazines. Then use the headboard to create a cute new sofa. See, I told you, there's so much to do!

So scroll down and get inspired by these 10 brilliant ideas to repurpose your old baby's crib.