The Cresent double-horned necklace is one of the most versatile accessories you can wear right now. Whether summer or winter, you can always style it with whatever outfit you have on. Since it can sometimes be expensive or sold out, here's how you can make a DIY gold crescent necklace at home:

 What you will need:

- Gold, delicate, plain, chain necklace

- Crescent pendant

- Gold wire

- Diagonal cutter

- Paint brush

- Gold acrylic paint


1. First, you paint the pendant with acrylic paint using the paintbrush and let it dry.

2. Wrap the golden wire around the pendant really tight twice, then snip off the excess wire with the diagonal cutter and adjust each side to match.

3. Connect the necklace to the wire on the two points and add pressure with the handle of the cutter to secure the pendant. 

Check out the full DIY tutorial here by YouTuber Sonya Blade. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @sonyaxblade