Whenever I'm browsing Pinterest, I always come across 'His and Hers' mugs and think they're such a cute idea! Personalize your very own 'His and Hers' mugs for Valentine's Day this year, as they'd make a great gift for your loved one.

Here are the steps to DIY 'His and Hers' mugs for Valentine's Day, we've also included some of our favorite ones to inspire you with meaningful quotes and graphics. Get started now, it's super easy and will add a great touch to your morning coffee on Valentine's Day and all the days afterwards...

What you will need:
- 2 white mugs
- Black Sharpie marker
- Red Sharpie marker

1. Wash the mugs with soap and water and make sure they're clean and completely dry before you start.
2. Decide on what you want to draw or write and practice it on a piece of paper first.
3. Now it's time to actually draw/write on the white mugs. Do it slowly and be careful not to mess up!
4. Leave the mugs to completely dry for 24 hours in room temperature.
5. To set your design, you have to bake the mugs! Place the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes at 175 degrees, and don't take them out before the oven cools completely, to avoid any cracks.
6. Hand wash the mugs and now they're ready. Sip your favorite drinks in your 'His and Hers' mugs for Valentine's Day!

P.S. After using the mugs, always hand wash instead of putting them in the dish washer so the paint doesn't fade away.