Ever thought about attending a Halloween party wearing your favorite candy? How about wearing cotton candy as a Halloween costume? You’ll sure be the cutest girl at the party, so let’s see how you can make it by yourself at home with this super cool and easy DIY.

Things you will need to make a cotton candy costume for Halloween:

1. A simple short dress.

2. Cotton/fiber.

3. Pink spray paint.

4. Glue gun

5. White cardboard A4 paper.

6. Red ribbon.

7. Headband.

Steps of making a cotton candy costume for Halloween:

1. Start by spraying the cotton/fiber with the pink spray paint and leave it until it dries. Don’t worry if the color is not the same on every piece, this mix of pink and white will look beautiful at the end.

2. While you wait for the fiber to dry, bring one of the white cardboard papers, and shape it into a cone. Now fix it with a glue gun, and then use the red ribbon to swirl it around the cone.

3. After the fiber has dried, start fixing it on your dress with the glue gun. Make sure it’s very well fixed on every side.

4. Now it's time to glue some of the fiber on the headband as well, and then fix the cone you just create on  top.

5. There you go, you just created a cotton candy costume for Halloween!

Reference: awwsam.com