Do you want to add some Ramadan decorations to your home? The DIY paper cup lights would be the perfect magical touch. So, check out this step by step guide to DIY paper cup lights.

What you will need:

- B-Lights

- Paper cups

- Printed papers

- Double face tape

- Cutter


1. First thing you need to DIY paper cup lights, is a long rope of b-lights. If you don't know what B-lights are, they're small light bulbs stacked next to each other, that make the most beautiful soft light.

2. Now you need to have a good amount of papers with prints on them, preferably with pastel colors. Take one of the paper cups and unfold it carefully. Trace the shape of the unfolded cup on the printed paper. Then cut the paper according to the tracing.

3. Now place the printed papers you just cut on the cups, and stick the ends together with a double face tape.

4. With a small sharp cutter, make and X-shaped slit at the bottom of the cup. So you can drop the small light bulbs inside the cups. This way, you'll secure the cup from falling off when the rope is hanged.

Now that you have your DIY paper cup lights ready, just decorate your room, or even terrace and enjoy the ambiance.