Printed pants aren't an item that I see running out of style anytime soon. In fact, the prints are only getting more interesting and diverse, so I thought, why not make your very own printed pants that reflect your own style? Are you a polka dot fan? Are you a striped kind of person? Whichever one you prefer, don't throw out an old pair of jeans just yet; draw on them. Even if you have a regular pair of jeans, it's time to spruce them up.

What you will need:

1. Jeans/Pants

2. Fabric paint, pick the color that will go with the color of your pants. Here I will go for white paint. 

3. A piece of cardboard. 

4. Scissors


So I think it will be quite interesting to have hearts all over your pants, so here is what you will do.

1. Cut out the shape/design you want on your cardboard. In this case, cut out small hearts, two or three. Make sure they are exactly the same size.

2. With the paintbrush, mark a small dot on your jeans where you want the design to be. Again make sure they are equal on both sides.

3. Place the cut-out part of the cardboard on top of the marked dot, and paint over it with the white paint. You've just formed your first design.

4. Keep repeating step three, until you painted over all the marks. 

There you have it, your very own personalized printed pants. You can even print on your initials, how cool would that be?

Tip: After the paint dries up, make sure to iron the pants. That way you can maintain the paint on the jeans and it doesn't fade away. Also when washing the pants for the first time, add a few drops of vinegar to the water.