Broken or old furniture is a hidden treasure you know nothing about! What if I told you that instead of throwing away that old table you once loved, you can reuse it in a cheap and easy way? Yes, you can turn your old table into a cool wall-mounted console. This DIY is not just easy, it’s also cost effective.

Tools to turn your old table into a wall-mounted console:

- Old table.

- Sow.

- Metal cleat hangers.

Steps to turn your old into a wall-mounted console:

1. First, you need to check which side of the table is still good, the side with the good legs and even good paint.

2. Then you need to draw a specific straight line on the bottom of the table to make a mark where you’ll cut your table into two.

3. Carefully place the table top on the floor, and table legs heading to the ceiling.

4. Start cutting with a sow according to the reference you made.

5. Clean the part of the table you’ll use to attach to the wall very well.

6. Take the metal cleat and fix one on the side of the table facing the wall, and fix the other on the wall.

7. Now you have a cool half table attached to the wall console.