Us ladies, know the struggle of having just gotten a fancy manicure and then realizing that the kitchen surfaces need a proper clean. Liquid soap detergents ruin manicures, dry the hands out, and are generally not the healthiest option for cleaning your home

This DIY natural surface cleaning detergent will clean, shine and sanitize your surfaces. You can use it to clean your stove, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, inside and outside of refrigerators, and even wood. The vinegar in the recipe shines almost everything and is really good for stainless steel, so, it does wonders for sink cleaning. 


-The skin of any citrus; lemon, orange or mandarin. The amount of skin depends on what would fill a jar of your choice (size depending on the amount of detergent you want)

- Vinegar 

- 3 Tbsp Dettol disinfectant/antibacterial liquid 


1. Place all the skin of the citruses in a big jar.

2. Fill the jar covering the skin with vinegar. 

3. Let the jar set aside for one week letting the ingredients merge together. 

4. After a week take a sieve and sift the vinegar from the skin into a spray bottle. 

5. Add the Dettol and mix it with the liquid and there you go, now you have it, your very own natural surface detergent. Believe me, you will want to try this and share it with everyone you know!

Main Image Credits: life-n-reflection