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Changing to Bangs

Amira Azzouz
2/19/14, 12:00 AM

Let me tell you about a hair cut I'm in love with at the moment. I have to admit that I always change something about my hair, I never get bored of that. Last November when I was in Barcelona P&G treated me to some pampering time at a salon there. Being at a beauty event (P&G Vision House) I got inspired to go for a drastic makeover and in a matter of seconds I made up my mind that bangs would look perfect on me. I wasn't too sure they would, but my mind knows pretty well how to play tricks on me. And I thought to myself why not, change is always needed. So after the hairstylist cut off part of my hair to a bang, I asked her to chop it off a bit more because I didn't want it to go unnoticed. I have to admit it looked weird at first, even the girls who came with me into the salon didn't recognize me for a second. 

I decided to snap a picture of myself, send it over to my mum and some of my best friends to see their reaction and even uploaded it on my Instagram. To my surprise they loved it, not only that but I also got so many compliments from people I haven't even seen for the longest while. Of course there were the jokes of me turning into Chinese, and let's face it I could pass as one. What excited me the most is when I went to interview Celebrity Hairstylist Danilo (the second day) and he mentioned that he had noticed how cool my hairstyle was during last night's event and he thought I looked a lot like the Kardashians. Of course the part about the Kardashians didn't excite me that much, seeing that I'm not a fan, but a compliment like that coming from him surely meant a lot. I can safely say that even after three months I'm still loving my bangs and it's a haircut I'm planning on keeping for a while. Change can be great!

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