I don't really know where or how my love for Halloween began, but I am like an excited kid when October hits, and start preparing for the 31st weeks in advance. Personally, what I love most about this holiday, is that it means the beginning of fall. I know technically Fall begins in September, however Halloween night is usually a chilly one, and so I take out my coat.

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Halloween has a whole theme to it, it is not just about the costumes. It is about creating the whole ambiance, and decorating your home or even office. I love to load up on a few decorations every year and save them for the year after. From pumpkins, to orange flickering candles, I just love the Halloween decoration, much more than Christmas. While you maybe thinking of what fashion item to splurge on for your fall wish list, I am usually scouting for a Halloween ornament, and this year I want a wicked witch statue. It will look perfectly spooky next to my evil laughing pumpkin. Yes I do own one!

As for the costumes, oh where to begin! I never really tried making my own costume as I never had the time, or quite possibly the patience, but a lot of thought goes into my costume. I don't really buy costumes, I just look for pieces or accessories and kind of style it up myself. Last year, I went as a nerd, collared tops were trending, so I went for that, a skirt, knee high socks, and a Converse. Of course it wouldn't be a nerd costume without a ponytail and big glasses. As for this year, I am thinking of finally sitting down and trying to make my own costume. Honestly, I love the idea of dressing up as your favorite food, or dessert; I mean cupcake costumes are just so cute. 

If you have any ideas on what costume I should go for this year, just hit me! As for you guys, how will you be embracing Halloween this year? 

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