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| by Nada Allam

Labels vs. Looks

Picture this, right now you are standing in front of two gorgeous bags. Beautiful leather, amazing color, and will go with most of your outfits. One is a well-known international label, and one is by an up and coming designer, both paid attention to detail, both look fabulous, but the difference lies in the name and price. What would you choose? 

You see, in this era, our answer depends on the label not on the look. The cheaper bag may not be by a well-known designer, yet it still looks really nice. However, our minds immediately think to the stereotype we are living in. The status, the Instagram followers, hash-tagging the designer brand, looking up to the style of celebrities and wanting so much to own the same handbag they are holding

So what if we lived in a world where you dressed just for yourself? Bought things simply for your own pleasure and not to fit in? What if the same celebrities and style setters we look up to, never wore labels, shopped in thrift stores and wore pieces by the up and coming designers, will we be doing the same? Will we be ditching the labels?

Now I am not saying that designer bags are something not worth saving up for, splurging every now and then. I am merely talking about how we take a decision on whether or not to buy a label. Because the purpose of purchasing an item is for it to look good on you, compliment your style making you and only you feel good about yourself. If a designer bag does that for you, then by all means go right ahead and purchase that bad boy! But just make sure you want it for all the right reasons. 

So next time you are in the market for a funky looking bag, why not check out the shop down the street that has boho looking stuff? Why not check out an old vintage dress for an upcoming wedding, I guarantee you will be looking unique and classy. 

You know how the Celine tote bag made quite the boom when it hit the market. Everywhere you look, it is there, be it a magazine or an outing. The advantage to the thrift stores and boutiques is that you are getting something one of a kind. 

Next time you head on your shopping spree, target the not so well-known shops and go for the boutiques or up and coming designers and compare what you got to your last shopping spree. I promise you, you will be very happy with the outcome. Sure, maybe you didn't buy all your tops from Zara this time, but you got something even more funkier and one of a kind.

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